The Family Next Door

Written by:
Fiona Cummins
Narrated by:
Gemma Dawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
9 hours 18 minutes
For Sale: Lovely family home, ready for your updates. Friendly neighborhood setting close to park; secluded.

If not for the bodies discovered in the woods behind their new home, Garrick and Olivia Lockwood couldn't have afforded to buy number 25 The Avenue. It's the fresh start they and their two children badly need. Soon, these terrible crimes will be solved, they tell themselves, and once Garrick has remodeled, he's confident they'll sell the house for a profit.

But the darkest secrets can reside on quiet, ordinary streets like this-behind the doors of well-kept houses and neighbors' friendly faces. Secrets that can destroy a family, or savagely end a life, and will surface just when they're least expected . . .
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Tammy Berrie

I thought this book was great! In fact I'm onto another Fiona Cummins title! Yes, initially the multiple perspectives of character and time feel vague and tangled. But once all of the other characters have been established, it all becomes very engrossing. Even though it feels like you should be keeping notes, before you know it, it all falls into place. I was rapt and just had a difficult time turning it off. People more clever than I will have the murderer pegged about a third of the way in, but keep going - it MAY surprise you. But if not, the how and why of it are worth discovering. I though this was riveting to listen to, the narrator was clear and concise. Yes, the events are horrible (it is a thriller, after all) but the final, brilliant twist had me literally exclaiming out loud.

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Rebecca Kagan

I didn't think it was terrible. Or boring. The language is a little florid for the genre - maybe that's why the other reviewers didn't like it. I liked how all the multiple timelines and characters came together at the end. It helps to really pay attention at the beginning of each chapter so you know what year you're in (jumps around).

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Horacio G.

This book was terrible.

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Marj E.

Great read lots of twist in the story, easy listening, nice reading by the reader

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This was a decent read. Hard to follow the timeliness, but suspenseful.

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Eric C.

Lovely narrator with a clear British accent. But, this book was "alright" at best. All the events were horrible but I wasn't drawn to this book.

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Heather B.

This book took a long time to build up the plot before it started to get interesting. The point of view shift chapters happened too often and made things tricky to follow, especially at the beginning. I felt like I should have been taking notes to keep the timeline and characters straight. Some of the timeline was "Now" vs a date - and I'm still not sure when that is.

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Boring boring boring. I finished because the narrator’s voice was pleasant.

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craig specht

Wow!!! Good book! Loved the reader!

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I liked this book

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