The Family of Jesus

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: July 2014

Duration: 8 hours 14 minutes


America's favorite storyteller brings biblical truths to life.

Sometimes in order for us to fully grasp the truths in Scripture, we must first experience them with our hearts.

The family of Jesus. This cast of characters lived and moved and worked with Jesus. They were among those closest to Him, each with a compelling story to tell. A story that will draw listeners closer to Christ, closer to the Scriptures, and closer to each other.

Often we struggle most with those people who are in our families. This devotional will give listeners a deeper understanding of the relatives of Jesus and the scriptural teachings on these special people. But, even more than that, it will help listeners acquire tools to better relate to those in their own families.

This book's format will begin with a fictional piece anchored in Scripture with details filled in to make each one emotionally-gripping and compelling, drawing listeners to a deeper love of the Bible and the people who walked with Jesus. Following that will be a theological-historical piece detailing the Scriptural teaching and the historical understanding of that character and also an application piece connecting the issues regarding the character with issues in our lives. At the end will be a study guide that includes thought-provoking questions that require soul-searching and a deeper understanding of the Bible and its meaning and application in the lives of listeners.

The family members in this title include:

- Mary
- Joseph
- James
- John the Baptist
- Zechariah
- Elizabeth


  • Anonymous

    Loved this book. From a biblical perspective and it fills in the gaps

  • Laurel Leurquin

    I really enjoyed this title and look forward to indulging in it again!