The Farseer: Royal Assassin

Written by:
Robin Hobb
Narrated by:
Paul Boehmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2010
29 hours 17 minutes
Young Fitz, the illegitimate son of the noble Prince Chivalry, is ignored by all royalty except the devious King Shrewd, who has had him tutored him in the dark arts of the assassin. He has barely survived his first, soul-shattering mission, and when he returns to the court, he is thrown headfirst into the tumult of royal life.

With the king near death, and Fitz's only ally off on a seemingly hopeless quest, the throne itself is threatened. Meanwhile, the treacherous Red Ship Raiders have renewed their attacks on the Six Duchies, slaughtering the inhabitants of entire seaside towns. In this time of great peril, it soon becomes clear that the fate of the kingdom may rest in Fitz's hands-and his role in its salvation may require the ultimate sacrifice.
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Antonio K.

The first series was fantastic and I was so inspired to read series 2. However after reading it I was so disappointed with #2.

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Husam Qasem

The Narration of this series is really well done. The book series itself is definitely worth reading/listening to if you are a fan of fantasy.

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Nate B.

I enjoyed book 1 so thought this book would be just as good. I was so wrong. This is the most depressing story I’ve ever read. There was such promise in the story line, but Hobb has thrown it away. I kept waiting for a hero who never showed. If the author was hoping to draw his readers to the next story with hopes of a good ending, it was destroyed in this book.

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Vincent V.

Royal assassin has been a huge letdown. Hobb just chooses to torture Fitz repeatedly without letting him defend himself. Or if he does manage to get a word in, all of his advice is ignored. The Molly relationship ruined the book for me. All the characters seem to be passing around an idiot ball and can't solve any problems themselves. I had to stop reading, which is super disappointing because I enjoyed Hobbs writing and world building in the first book.

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Michael A

Very nice revisit of this author. I both listened and read along, enjoying both with only a few variations in my pronunciation of unknown words. I will most assuredly continue the series.

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Ken B

Loved It

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Robin L.

There is an incredible amount of care given to every detail in this book. Every character is given enough attention to make them feel like they have an actual place in the world, and even characters who only show up for a few sentences throughout the book feel important. The story isn't one that you should look to if you want something happy, but if you want something well paced and real feeling it's exactly what you're looking for.

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Daniel F.

Great book

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Quincie R.

Ive told numerous friends about the Farseer line so they can enjoy it as much as I have. Your heart can't help but go out to these characters Robin Hobb has written into life. A true artist. I couldn't put it down. Excellent transition into this novel from the first. Also this narrator knows how to deliver.

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Joseph R

Narrator is really good. Kids and I are enjoying the series on our road trips!

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Berva Lorraine Hume

I am loving this series of books. Thank you for introducing me to the rich imagination of this author. The narration is also exquisite. I have been enjoying hours of entertainment and intrigue.

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Rosemary Cure

Have to agree with other reviews. Awesome. Feelings are brought to the front. Fitzchivery "skilling". Is like I am inside of him feeling and seeing what he does. So life like so real so compelling, luring and just down right good. Not sure I would read all of her books but will definitely keep up with the farseer line.

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Corrie Collier

The characters she writes are amazing, the ability she has to write flawed characters and evoke such emotions is one of the reason I continue to read/re-read/listen to these books!

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Jessica Roe

Robin Hobb has a talent to get you to fall in love with her characters. I am now spoiled by her abilities to weave strong characters with intrigue.

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