Favorite Obsession: Shifter World

Favorite Obsession: Shifter World

Written by:
Nancy Corrigan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
11 hours 19 minutes
This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

Finding out I’m the ultimate prize in a shifter mating game is one thing. But learning the man I love isn’t allowed to join in on the fun forces us to play...dirty.
As a Royal shifter, I can trace my bloodline to the goddesses. Sure, the perks are great. Who doesn’t want to live forever?

But I’ve been royally screwed.

Apparently, my unborn children are going to change the world. And who gets to be their father has turned my love life into a dangerous mating dance.

And all I want is to marry the guy who loves me for me. But as a human, Josh is automatically excluded him from my destiny.

Or maybe not.

Stubborn is Josh’s middle name. And he’s vowing to never let me go.


This is a “full-grown-up” paranormal romance. No doors are closed in this book. Nothing is held back.

BUT if want to read a tamer version of this novel, a closed-door version (also called a clean or fade-to-black or kisses only romance) is available as Josh by Dana Archer, the discreet pen name of Nancy Corrigan.
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