Feeling Good: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: May 2016

Duration: 0 hours 50 minutes


This audio guides you into a very relaxed state of mind using a "feel-good" progressive relaxation throughout your entire body. Hypnosis is a common altered state of consciousness similar to that of a meditative state and/or deep prayer. The most important aspect of Hypnotic Guided Imagery, however, is how the suggestions are formatted and strategized to motivate your subconscious to accept them. All has been carefully as well as intuitively chosen to achieve the best results for you. Repeated listening to this audio during your waking hours or at bedtime, will enhance the process of subconscious programming and/or reprogramming. Another factor that assists your success is the positive effect of your facilitator's energies and authenticity. There is a wide spectrum of feeling good opportunities within this audio and all are meant to keep you focused on feeling really good while remaining relaxed and peaceful. This is a wonderful rejuvenating hypnotic guided journey that brings healing and cleansing lights throughout your mind, body and spirit. You reach your Safe and Healing Place, where you communicate directly with your subconscious in order to deliver your requests and instructions. This is where you program and reprogram for your Highest Good.

These below are just some of the hypnosis suggestion topics:

-Create an arsenal of positive thoughts, feelings and "ideomotor" responses for feeling good-Install Harmony, Balance and Peace of Mind as constants within your mind/body/spirit-Express Gratitude to motivate your subconscious to believe all suggestions are your reality -Examine your life through the eyes of your "Inner Wisdom" from a positive perspective -Receive Instructions and practice for performing Self-hypnosis-Release/Delete Negative Emotions that are like toxins to your mind/body/spirit-Replace all negativity with positivity and all good things like compassion, positive thinking, etc.-Reinforce positive Self-esteem suggestions re: you are lovable, worthy, deserving and good enough-Reinforce Self-Confidence suggestions that you trust and believe in yourself; you persevere

All the above happens while you are relaxed in hypnosis and feeling calm and peaceful. Listen to the intro for instructions and guidance for understanding the Reprogramming Hypnosis approach.


  • Jeanette Tunin

    As hypnotic scripts go this seems adequate. As voices/narrators are very a subjective thing I will only say that the lady's voice did not help me a great deal, even though I could hear that she was trying to be soothing.

Feeling Good: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

by A.C.H. Glassner Twersky

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Feeling Good: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series, A.C.H. Glassner Twersky