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Written by:
Skye Cavanagh
Narrated by:
Victoria Aston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
7 hours 2 minutes
I was raised to believe that I was a warrior witch, someone who made the world a little safer. On my sixteenth birthday, I found out that I'm nothing more than a monster myself-a fae abomination created to protect the queen of the Fallen.

For eight long years I ran from the fae who'd have me take up my place at the queen's side. Then I found him, my light in the darkness. Someone I could trust. Sean was my chance at a normal life. At freedom.

He was the worst of them. He gave me everything I thought I wanted. I gave him my heart, and in turn he sold me to the queen.

The court is a cold and cruel place. There is no kindness for a creature like me. They tried to break me, to make me into one of them. I endured far more darkness and punishment than I'd ever have thought possible. I was lost, broken.

One day they threw me to the wolves. Little did they know that those beautiful creatures were my fated life bonds. Three incredible predators who would take on the world to keep me safe. To see me smile.

The court wanted me to be a monster, a creature forged of blood and shadow. Now, with my life bonds at my side, I will show them just how monstrous I really am.

Contains mature themes.
Profile Avatar
Catherine M.

Wren has been a prisoner of the Fae Queen for a year. She has been tortured the whole time. She is taken from her cell to watch a battle. The three shifters in the arena know she is their mate as soon as they see her. They must now find a way to escape the Queens court and take Wren with them. This book has some dark themes and Wren suffers from PTSD, this is all handled well. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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