Written By: Diana Gabaldon

Narrated By: Davina Porter

Date: November 2011

Duration: 55 hours 29 minutes


The year is 1771. Claire Randall is still an outlander, out of place and out of time. But now she is linked by love to her only anchor--Jamie Fraser. They have crossed oceans and centuries to build a life together in North Carolina. But tensions, both ancient and recent, threaten members of their clan. Knowing that his wife has the gift of prophecy, James must believe Claire, though he would prefer not to. Claire has shared a dreadful truth--there will, without a doubt, be a war. Her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through perilous years ahead--or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes.


  • Karisa Crest

    Another amazing book! These books would not be the same without Davina Porter as she brings to life each and every character. 'How does she do it?' Is the real question. Outlander novels are just that, novels. The beginnings seem to draw on at first with such detail and events and character plotting, while the second halves are always the most intense plot turns and adventure. This novel, number 5 of 8, while I love all the storyline of Jamie and Claire I feel that this whole book is the turning point to where Outlander will head next. Less drama than previous books and mostly character development. Moving forward to the next novels I have a deep sense that I will truly just fall apart emotionally as by now I'm sure we are all sunk deep into this series and can't let go!

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  • Anonymous

    Fiery Cross doesn’t disappoint with hair-raising tales from the 18th century and marvelous character portraits and relationships. Davina Porter is the ultimate narrator. I wouldn’t want anyone else to read me a story.

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  • kerry w

    Even though this was very very long and sometimes boring, it was necessary to get all the details for the storyline to make sense. I have just downloaded the 6th book of the series and I'm sure as I've come this far, I'll carry on to the end. Davina Porter does a marvellous job of narrating, on my first time to listen rather than read the book.

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  • Anonymous

    There were some parts that were a bit boring but were necessary to listen to. Narrator is excellent and manages multiple accents with ease

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  • Susan D.

    Loved everything about it.

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  • Carol M

    A must read for Outlander fans as it continues the saga of Jaimie and Claire; however, getting through this fifth installment requires some fortitude. The reader, and/or listener will be rewarded with enough knowledge of medicine, botany, animal science and biology in general to receive college credit. Gabaldon is a master at describing people and places so the reader feels a part of story. Unfortunately, these descriptions also detract from the story and characters. I agree with previous comments about editing although the advantage of audiobooks is speeding the narration in order to get back to the story. In the end, this book failed to reach as high as the previous novels in the series, although still very good.

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  • Lauren C

    This book had a few slow parts, but overall was amazing!! I love Diana Gabaldon's writing!

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  • Tiffinie H

    Have loved listening to this book while driving to and from work. Makes the time fly by and the narration is amazing! Really brings each of the characters to life with their British, French, and Scottish accents.

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  • Cheryl Ward

    I enjoy the series, characters and the period. Some sections seem to drag on and begin to feel like "filler" and I found myself wondering when the story will pick up. Was more like reading someone's journal and less like a story that I knew where it was going. Some parts felt like "blah blah blah"....get on with it. The detail however is astounding and I was amazed by how people lived and survived. Bringing the 20th century knowledge to the 18th century is always an interesting twist in this series. I would and do recommend this series and am looking forward to beginning the next book his week. The narrator is pretty amazing, although some of the accents (especially the American, slaves, and children!!!) rub me to irritation) At times I just wished for straight reading without all the changes. As for audiobook In General...I really wish they had chapters or tracks to be able to move around the book, reread, know where you are, etc.

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  • Melanie Anderson

    Love the series period! I got use to the narrator didn't like so much at the start but she was fine after a while. I do wish I could see the chapters though! The story though it is great!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent series. This book is no exception. Personally I don’t prefer the narrator style.

  • christina Brownlow

    A wonderful book, great historical fiction. Davina porter reads so well - great accents and emphasis in all the right places.

  • Pamela Brown

    I have been enjoying this narrator and story.

  • Barbara W.

    it was so so

  • Katie R.

    I have been obsessed with this series lately! Such good descriptions and the narrator does a great job of keeping all of the characters and accents straight.

  • Archie Worsham

    Not my favorite book of the series. However the book gains strength. It captured real life in the era. I’ll carry on in the series. The narration is amazing.

  • Charine B.

    This is not the best book in the Outlander series and would not be a good stand alone book for people who haven’t read and got hooked on the earlier books: The book also really needed a good edit to keep it on track and some details could be left out. There’s less steaminess and a heck of a lot more breastfeeding. I’m all for b/f but it didn’t add to the story to have quite so much of this.

  • Janice M.

    Incredible Reader!! I don't know how she does it, but this Audiobook is better than the TV show!

  • Colleen I.

    Absolutely hooked on the series both written and the made for TV series. Davina Porter does an amazing job bringing the characters to life via her oratory talents. I started the audio book series late February 2020 and currently on book six.

  • Kate P.

    A bit long at times but well worth the read. Remember the characters and the stories so you don't need to go back at times!

  • Fran R.

    Loved it!

  • Rachel gillis

    very very good

  • Karol S.

    OMG the narrator is INCREDIBLE! Davina’s performance is everything! The book is of course, suburb! Meaty read with layers upon layers of everything that IS outlander. Jamie and Claire’s adventures never disappoint and their love continues to give us everything a romance is and should be. GREAT!


    This book touches MY HEART. I LOVE IT THANK YOU

  • Jordyn R.

    I absolutely love this series! You just get lost in the story. Can wait for the next book.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this book when I furst read it as much as I loved listening to the audio book! Diana Gabaldon created an amazing series with books you just cant put down!

  • Jeanne H.

    I am new to the OUTLANDER series Books and Television. I love all of the book series and can not wait for the new fall season.

  • Lynne B

    Loved it!!!!

  • Nancy F

    We can get a little more of the money for the next few months so we can get it to e

  • Cheryl K

    Love is the word. I love Diana Gabaldon’s writing. I like be Davina’s reading. Together they bring these characters to exquisite life. I can’t put the books down while reading (listening to ) them, and then I’m disappointed and feel their loss when the book is finished. I’ve finished my The 8 now and am anxiously awaiting the next.

  • Elizabeth L

    Found it so hard to read the book. My first audio book. I just loved it. Really got into this book I didn't want it to end. Brilliant

  • Yasmeen K

    I can't believe I'm still going strong with this series! Love the story lines, I look forward to my 40 mile drive to work and back everyday with this series.

  • Tiffany Curran

    Amazing stories, writing, characters, etc. Cannot wait to start the next in the series.

  • Sarah Wylie

    It's an absolute masterpiece, both riding in the narration! Absolutely incredible

  • Flora Soule

    Love this series and the narrator is amazing! This wasn't my favorite book of the series however it was still good and entertaining!

  • Jeanee Martin

    Great book!!! I listen to it every day on my commute to work and sometimes would be late because the book was so good I didn't want to stop listening.

  • Shanna Thomassie

    Amazing narration. Such a good series. Can't wait to get started on the next book.

  • nab6215

    I've been listening to Davina Porter's excellent reading of Diana Gabaldon's 5th Outlander book, "The Fiery Cross" and hoping it would go on forever. I was completely lost in the story. I didn't know how she was going to end the book. Where was the conflict that needed to be resolved? Then, you are reminded gently of the address questions asked at the beginning of the book, woven intermittently throughout, and the story comes to a more than satisfying ending. Wow.

  • Amanda Schomer

    Loved this book. And the amazing person who is reading does an amazing job, she makes it feel like you're there.

  • Sussan Carlson

    I really enjoyed the book and the series is so addicting. Davina does a wonderful job with all the voices.

  • Renee Pavucek

    I absolutely love and enjoy Diana Gabaldon's book series on Audiobooks of Outlander! It would have taken forever if I had read these books (I'm crazy busy and my eyes get tired so quickly these days). But, Davina Porter (the narrator) is the real reason I love the series!!! She is perfect and her inflections and voice overs for every character are incredible, and she switches to each character effortlessly. If I ever get the next book and it isn't Ms Porter, I would not order it. She is the best!

  • Jean Kollenburn

    The picture Diana Gabaldon can paint with her words is extraordinary. The gruesome aspects are correct for the period and matter of fact. the emotions are spot on, you are feeling right along with them. One of the best authors I've seen who can use that many words and is prefect. She is an artist with words.

  • Jennifer Dennehy

    An intricate a delightful story full of hidden treasures including a new frontier and intriguing new characters ( never to forget Clair and Jamie). The narration is absolutely astounding. Davina Porter makes great work of interpreting this wonderful series of books. A real treat.

  • Shelly Hanson

    love this story line! I love how the narrator changes her voices for men or women. she does a great job telling the story.

  • Ryan-Ann King

    Love this books! Dreading completwing the series! Davina Porter makes the story even that much more amazing but nringing the characters to brilliant life. Outstanding narration!

  • Carol Haas

    I absolutely love these books. I listen to them during the morning and afternoon commutes. They make the drive seem like 5 minutes instead of the 45 minutes to an hour. Keep up the good work!

  • Pam Tolson

    I've read Diana Gabaldons Outlander series years ago & reread them again recently with the TV series introduction. Yes I am addicted to this brilliant story. But hearing Davina Porter bring these stories to life is the best way to enjoy them. If you like a story you can pick up & start reading anywhere in any chapter and be totally immersed by characters so realistic and endearing you can't put it down....this is your series! This author is that talented. Thank you Dinara & Davina!!!! Well done!!

  • Carol Ernst

    I am addicted to this series. First I read them, now since my husband says he doesn't want to lose me again for a couple of months I have been listening to them. I actually don't love all the romance... it's the history involved in all of it I find so interesting. The love isn't terrible, of course :)

  • SharonPease Pease

    The best ever. I have done all the outlander series.ove them all

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