Written By: David Achord

Narrated By: Graham Halstead

Date: October 2020

Duration: 10 hours 50 minutes


It is the ninth year of the zombie apocalypse. Zach and his group of survivors at Mount Weather are struggling with the effects of no manufacturing and the difficulties of reestablishing the United States of America. To add to the difficulties, President Stark's position as president is being challenged. If he loses in the upcoming election, what will happen to his right hand man, Zach Gunderson?


  • Glenn S.

    I am a little worried about his series. I really like the detailed writing and character building, LOVE the narrator, but now firmly believe the author has no idea where to take the story next. If you're ok with a series lasting 10 more years or maybe never finishing, then buy these books. SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD: Fifteens was the worst book for advancing plot. Achord spent VERY little time with the zombie queen, which is easily the most interesting thing going on, and he spent ZERO time with the Russian invasion thing that is being hinted at. And why did Graham Halstead suddenly change Fred's voice! I was almost glad he got written out of most of the book, so I didn't have to listen to that weird country accent. Lastly, I saw that Achord wrote a new book this year, and it's not this series. Could be he's tired of Zack and Friends?

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  • Brad B.

    Absolutely amazing. The narration through all books was consistently great. The plot continues very well and is a spell binding listen.

  • Anonymous

    Love this book always keep you on your toes vant wait for the next book


by David Achord

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Fifteens, David Achord
Fifteens, David Achord
This title is due for release on October 27, 2020.

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Fifteens, David Achord
This title is due for release on October 27, 2020
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Fifteens, David Achord
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Fifteens, David Achord

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