The Fifth Witness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2011
13 hours 51 minutes
In this #1 New York Times bestselling thriller, after taking on a foreclosure case, defense attorney Mickey Haller fights to prove his client’s innocence—but first he must follow a trail of black market evidence to its sinister end   Mickey Haller has fallen on tough times. He expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home.

Mickey puts his team into high gear to exonerate Lisa Trammel, even though the evidence and his own suspicions tell him his client is guilty. Soon after he learns that the victim had black market dealings of his own, Haller is assaulted, too -- and he's certain he's on the right trail.

Despite the danger and uncertainty, Haller mounts the best defense of his career in a trial where the last surprise comes after the verdict is in. Connelly proves again why he "may very well be the best novelist working in the United States today" (San Francisco Chronicle).
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John C.

I enjoy this in me to The Lincoln Lawyer series but sometime court cases to drawn out

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Cherie LeBlanc

Interesting but sluggish. A good read, and I do recommend this author.

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Jay C.

This was a decent book, but I have to say I’m much more inclined to read Harry Bosch books because the mystery and investigations are more interesting than long, drawn our court cases which actually plays out better on television or in the movies. That’s not a swipe at Connelly so much as it is the subject matter and process of putting the book together. It was just way too long. Connelly probably could have cut out enough that the book would be 8-9 hours long and been just as compelling. Thankfully, Peter Giles is a terrific narrator and so it makes for more enjoyable listening.

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Linda M.

This was a fun ride, though I don't think that it came up to Connelly's usually high standard. It is a little scattered with too many references to Haller's private life and to the court happenings - not well balanced. While I think that the narrator does an incredible job with the different voices, I got tired of his "sinister" voice for Sysco(sp?) and in other parts of the story. Also, some of the "I am so smart, I knew that already" that the author has Haller say (or words to that effect) get tiresome.

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Well read...great job individualizing the characters.

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Not his best

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Rhonda W.

The characters are strong and interesting. Kept me wondering to the very end!

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Beth C.

I just love this series. The narrator really captures the essence of the characters. I missed Bosch in this book, but the story was engrossing. Has lots of courtroom legalities and definitely some mystery and always an interesting ending!

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Dana C.

I love Michael Connlley. He makes me feel like I am really in L A. I have a girl friend who just moved here from LA and I know the streets and land marks. I really want to see Angels Flight. Mr Connley makes me feel like I live in LA. I would give this a 4 star. Dana

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Steve L.

Not too bad

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