The Financial Security Bible: How To Build Wealth & Be Happy

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mike Summey

Narrated By: Mike Summey

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: November 2015

Duration: 12 hours 49 minutes


In this era of financial uncertainty in the worldwide economy, it is more important than ever to make sure that your own personal economy is secure. In The Financial Security Bible, you'll learn how to build a financial foundation for yourself and your family that no financial hurricane can break through. This audiobook is called a bible, because like the Bible, many of the lessons it contains are embedded in stories and parables that relate to real life situations. It describes the range of lifestyles that encompass all people, from the lifestyle of success to the lifestyle of failure and shows you how to define where you fall within the range. Personally narrated by the author, Mike Summey, this audiobook will teach you common sense ways to improve your financial position, no matter where you fall on the scale. This is not a high powered financial text you will need an MBA to understand, but rather a down to earth guide every person can use to improve their finances and/or become financially independent. Mike will show you how he was able to distill powerful life lessons from seemingly insignificant incidents throughout his life and teach you how to do the same with your life experiences. You will want to listen over and over, because with each listening you will gain knowledge and ideas that will help you build wealth and be happy. If you desire a better future, this is a resource you can't afford to be without.


  • Kate T

    This book covered a nice combination of important concepts regarding building a better, more secure life. It may have worked well for me because I already had the foundation of having listened to other books that did deep dives on the individual topics. However I particularly enjoyed listening to his the author's cute stories in his southern twang- things that normally drive me nuts, but listened to at 1.75x speed (fwiw I never listen below 1.25x to any book) they served to make the author come across as more down-to-earth and relatable. I strongly recommended that my husband read it, because some of the concepts seem to be perfect reinforcement for some of the lessons he's in the process of learning, and some support philosophies I've been trying to get my family to live by. Interesting ideas about finances and kids, although many would disagree with this section.

Financial Security Bible: How To Build Wealth & Be Happy

by Mike Summey

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Financial Security Bible: How To Build Wealth & Be Happy, Mike Summey