Find Your Why: How I Found My Inner Drive and How You Can Too

Find Your Why: How I Found My Inner Drive and How You Can Too

Written by:
Jens Boje
Narrated by:
Jack Henry Kison
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
0 hours 52 minutes
This compact workbook will help you find your drive - your 'why'.

Forget passion, and find something much more valuable and thus, your start into a bright future, where you know what you want and that powers you.

Everyone and his mom were talking about passion but in such overused and misused fashion that it depressed me. I did not have a passion, and I could not find it. Regardless of what I heard, it was just the same blah, blah, blah. It just frustrated me even more.

I tried a lot and took many wrong turns, but eventually, I found something that was way more important than any passion - my 'why' - my drive.

My 'why' fires me without burning me. It is deeper than passion. It's close to the core, the core of my being. When my 'why' aligns with what I am doing, I feel satisfied, fulfilled, relaxed, and calm - the perfect state of satisfaction.

You, too, can get that, and I will teach you exactly how I got there. I tell you about the four exercises (plus, a small bonus) which helped me the most to find my 'why'. This book is compact, without fluff, without endless repetition, and not esoteric. The actual listening time might be short, but it is a workbook. You need to do the exercises, otherwise, you will fail. 

I welcome you to join on your journey to your 'why' - what drives you.
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