Finding Your Person: Even If It's You: Relationship Advice from TikTok's Big Sister

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Unabridged Audiobook

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July 2023
1 hour 31 minutes
Enjoy vital and honest advice on dating and romance with this one-of-a-kind guide to relationships from TikTok’s favorite big sister, @annnexmp.

Everyone is looking for true connection in their day-to-day lives, whether to friends, romantic partners, or to themselves. In a world where dating customs are updating faster than dating apps, sound advice on matters of the heart has never been more necessary... or hard to find. That is, until @annnexmp volunteered herself as TikTok's big sister -- as a fellow journeywoman, a no-bullshit sounding board, and a shoulder to lean on for everyone else trying to make sense of it all, covering topics like:

- Flirting with someone when you're nervous.
- Choosing which friends you can really trust with your innermost self.
- Wanting someone who doesn’t want you.
- Knowing if you even want to be in a relationship.
- Being enough.
- How much is too much compromise.
- The importance of accountability.

Part practical advice, part meditation on change and growth, Finding Your Person: Even If It’s You is the perfect pick-me-up when you need a dose of perspective on life and relationships: whether you're dealing with losing someone that wasn’t really yours in the first place, growing apart from someone you grew up with, sensing when someone is going to break up with you and dealing with the aftermath, or determining whether friends are there to stay. Like a hug from a supportive older sister in book form, Anne's empathetic wisdom helps make the tough times a little easier and your connections a little stronger...with your loved ones and with yourself.  
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