Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
13 hours 26 minutes
Everyone wants me dead: A demon, a vampire lord, even a dragon. Now, a new enemy wants even more . . .

The war we feared has come, and leading the invading army is the only remaining dragon, the 'Black Death.' If it's not stopped, the dragon will slaughter thousands. I'm Angie Ritter, former army mage and the first source mage to be born in centuries. I might be able to stop the dragon.

If I can learn to control my new magic. If I can master the ancient entity possessing me. If I can act like a grownup and stop fantasizing about the sexy were-jaguar I'm traveling with.

And if I can avoid getting my heart cut out, or drained of my blood, or burned to death . . . or any of the other countless grisly deaths that await me.

Now something haunts my dreams. Something hungry.


Contains mature themes.
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