The First Man in Rome

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 1990
6 hours 0 minutes
'The First Man in Rome was not the best man: he was the First among other men who were his equals...To be the First Man in Rome was something far better than kingship...'

In the first century B.C. at the height of the Roman Republic, two men set their sights on becoming the First Man - the Roman more respected than any other. Marius, a heroic man of strength and means, lacks the noble blood to contend for the First Man, but overcomes his common status when he marries into the patrician house of Caesar. Sulla, a pleasure-seeking aristocrat without money of his own, is transformed by his ambitions into a fierce and daring warrior. Together the two men will shape history as they are thrust into a raging storm - engaging in deadly political contests and waging far-off wars for a state battling to hold on to its enormous power.

Rich with unforgettable characters and unerring historical accuracy, The First Man in Rome is a vivid tale of power, treachery, and a great Republic hurtling towards civil war...
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Randy R.

I read this series when I was in my early 20s and it ignited in me a love for history that had persisted to this day. I was excited to see it as an audio book and got it at onceā€¦then I noticed it was abridged and 6 hours long. I feel that so much of the magnificent work that Colleen McCullough put into this was lost due to its abridgment. I realize this book was recorded 10 years back, but it feels like an injustice not to have the complete book available.

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