Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 11 minutes
The Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary provides the average investor with the tools necessary to understand and analyze investment opportunities within the global Consumer Discretionary sector. Through this book, one will gain a basic understanding of how the sector works, the investment universe of the Consumer Discretionary sector segmented by industry, pertinent macroeconomic drivers, and challenges facing companies in the sector. Consumer Discretionary includes companies which deal with products or services that are not necessities. The degree of spending and amount of consumption of these products and services varies depending upon the individual. These industries include automobiles, high-end clothing, restaurants, hotels, and luxury goods. Times have changed, and investors need to change with them. Consumer Discretionary is an ever-changing market. Though investors are often weary of luxury investing, with big risk can come even bigger rewards. Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary gives readers the tools to invest in luxury and consumer good companies which include staples such as entertainment, media, automobiles, and travel goods. 
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