Fizz & Riah

Written by:
T'nesha Sims
Narrated by:
Theodore Rose , Ebony Mendez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
5 hours 40 minutes
Riah has been dealt a tough hand in life. With a drug addicted mother and her father in prison, Riah is just trying to handle things as best she can being so young. Although she is drop dead gorgeous, she becomes self conscious about herself after her father is imprisoned for the rape of her cousin, De'Kiya. With her father gone and her mother in her own world, Riah just needs someone to save her. Will an unexpected love be the key to save Riah from herself or will it all end tragically?

De'Kiya finally has her life back on track after being sexually violated at a young age by her aunt's husband. She's accomplished a lot in life, but when she finds that her aunt is using drugs and has stolen money from someone, De'Kiya finds herself having to pay it back. Will money be the only thing she has to pay or will she find herself paying with love when she falls for the guy that she owes?

Fizz and Dozer have the city of Atlanta on lock with the drug game and money is always the motive for them. When they meet two beautiful women that add joy and love to their lives, the motive quickly changes! What happens when love comes around to blind you and leave you open for the enemy to take you out? Can Fizz and Dozer protect themselves or will they find their lives ending in the worst way?

Nikki, is the older sister of Fizz and Dozer. She and her family have been dealing with their mother's cancer battle for sometime now and it has caused Nikki to lose focus. But when her mother's health shifts unexpectedly and things get better, Nikki decides to focus on herself and the new man in her life. The same man that happens to be after her brothers. Nikki has always been her brother's keeper, but when the enemy is sleeping right next to her, can Nikki save her brothers from death's trap or will it all be too late?
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