Flesh and Blood: An Alex Delaware Novel

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2001
6 hours 0 minutes
Lauren Teague is a beautiful, defiant, borderline-delinquent teenager when her parents bring her to Alex Delaware's office. But for all Alex's skill and effort, Lauren resists--angrily, provocatively. Reluctantly, the psychologist chalks Lauren up as one of the inevitable failures of a challenging profession. But years later, when Alex encounters Lauren as a stag party's featured entertainment, both doctor and patient are stricken with shame. And the ultimate horror takes place when, soon after, Lauren's brutalized corpse is found dumped in an alley. Alex disregards the advice of his trusted friend, LAPD detective Milo Sturgis, and jeopardizes his relationship with longtime lover Robin Castagna in order to pursue Lauren's murderer. As he investigates his young patient's troubled past, Alex enters the shadowy worlds of fringe psychological experimentation and the sex industry, and then into mortal danger when lust and big money collide in Southern California.

Jonathan Kellerman's L.A. is evil, seductive, and unforgiving, and Flesh and Blood is mind-opening in its drama of a driven man's personal quest, breathtaking in its ingenious plot, filled with unforgettable characters, and topped off by a terrifying climax. This is suspense fiction as its best.
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jay yeast

Kellerman didn't keep us interested in this one. We really tried to focus on the story but kept getting lost. Didn't finish the story. Narrator was boring. Sorry Jonathan- your usually spot on!

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Another great Alex Delaware and Milo read. I never get tired of their partnership.

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Michael Scott

Having been a rabid fan of Jonathan Kellerman (and his wife) for many years, I recently returned to the fold with this book, after a long hiatus. While it was nice to hear from Dr Delaware, Milo, Robin, and Spike once again - I'm not sure if it was my mood, the fact that this was yet again another ABRIDGED book (I despise the abridged version of books), or.... but this book did not grab me as much as others do. The Narrator wasn't too bad. It just didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, so to speak, as his others have. Then again, in the past, I'd be *reading* the book in my favorite chair, drink in easy reach (typically Diet Coke), snuggled next the fire, instead of driving through stop-n-go traffic for 2+hrs a day, as I have been as of late. So, it is possible that this is an unfair assessment of this installment of the Dr. Delaware series.

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