Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Al Ries

Narrated By: Al Ries

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: July 2005

Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes


Every company has it at one point. But all too often, it gets lost along the way, leaving the company--and its workers--with an unclear sense of direction. Now the co-author of The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing offers solutions for restoring the dispersed focus of a company back to its key service, and discarding everything else.
With clear examples from a variety of industries, Al Ries demonstrates how crucial focus can be. Certainly it helps explain why Coca-Cola's stock is worth two times that of Pepsi-Co., even though Pepsi has twice the sales and twice the assets. And it is a key component to the success of on-track companies such as Volvo, Sun Microsystems, and Little Caesars.
Al Ries's extensive marketing experience gives his managerial advice a cutting-edge angle as he defines a new standard of corporate competitiveness for companies big and small. So get focused! Your future depends on it.


  • Michael Major

    Excellent book, quite insightful. Yes it is written for the American market and yes the case studies are all drawn from corporate examples rather than small businesses; nevertheless the core principles stay true for whatever the size of business. There are obvious parallels to Michael Porter's book 'Competitive Strategy' too, however they're presented with a strategic marketing emphasis. The only small downside is it is showing its age having been republished in 2005 - the first edition was published in 1997. Yet, the core principles are as true today as they were then.