Foiled Breach

Written by:
Thorn Osgood
Narrated by:
Skylar Lace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
2 hours 31 minutes
A reckless driver tries to cut in front of Jayle in the left turn lane for the grocery store parking lot, but she refuses to let that happen. The driver blows his horn loud and long as she passes by him. She turns into the parking lot, finds a spot, and parks. When she gets out of her car, the same man is parked across the back of her parking space yelling at her. Seeing his red angry face she turns and goes around the front of her car toward the store. Was he going to come inside after her? She didn't think so and went on with her shopping.
Jayle falls asleep later at home and awakens frightened by what she's seen. She's sure it's not a dream. She was there and saw a dead body in a box. Where? How was that possible? What did it mean? She had to find out more.
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