FoodWISE: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices

Written by:
Gigi Berardi
Narrated by:
Julie Slater

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
6 hours 30 minutes
The definitive guide for food lovers on how to make the right food choices amidst a sea of ever-changing information, and an invitation to return to the joys of garden and kitchen

We live in a culture awash with advice on nutrition and eating. Who do we believe? And what does it really mean to eat healthy? Food Wise is for anyone who has felt unsure about how to make the 'right' food choices. It is for food lovers who want to be more knowledgeable and connected to their food, while also creating meaningful dining experiences around the table. Professor and food fanatic Gigi Berardi shows readers how to buy foods and prepare meals that are W.I.S.E: Whole, Informed, Sustainable, and Experienced with friends and family. She offers insights on how to comb the aisles of the local food market with confidence and a renewed excitement, and debunks the questionable science behind popular diets, sharing some counterintuitive tips that may surprise you (such as the health benefits of eating saturated fat). Food Wise is an invitation to return to the garden and the kitchen. It will revolutionize how you think about healthy, enjoyable, socially conscious cuisine.
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