For Better or for Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse with Kids in the House

Unabridged Audiobook


Date: March 2017

Duration: 5 hours 10 minutes


The transition from married to married with children can be tough. Before they know it, a once youthful and energetic married couple finds themselves in a minivan loaded with noisy kids and littered with Cheerios, crusty Sippy cups, banana peels, and missing library books. As much as you love your children and work hard to nurture and train them for the future, the challenges that come with parenthood can make the for better or for worse promise a hard one to honor.For Better or For Kids will enable couples to:Build a God-centered marriage instead of a Child-centered or Me-centered marriageAvoid the dangers of spouse-neglect and self-neglectEffectively communicate in the chaosExplore ways to parent together as one teamFind balance in the busynessFor Better or For Kids is about remembering that even when you feel worn out, over-extended, and neglected, you promised to be a team. Marriage with kids may not always be what we expected, but it is good. We need to make a vow to love our spouse with kids in the house.