Foreign Fruit

Foreign Fruit

Written by:
Jojo Moyes
Narrated by:
Judith Boyd

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
October 2017
15 hours 44 minutes
Merham is a well ordered 50s seaside town - the kind of town where everyone knows their place (and those who don't are promptly put in it). Lottie Swift is an evacuee who has grown up with the respectable Holden family and loves Merham. The Holden's daughter Celia, however, chafes against the constraints on the town and longs to escape...
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Fenella B.

The book is in two parts the second came as a shock as it’s not mentioned in the synopsis but it picks up the action some 50 years later. It was a shame as you wanted to hear more about what happened and it suddenly cuts to the future. It’s an enjoyable book but I felt a little unsatisfied at the ending again there were more of the characters stories that we never got to hear.

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