Fort Dead

Fort Dead

Written by:
Camille Picott
Narrated by:
Gwendolyn Druyor
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
10 hours 3 minutes
No matter how fast they run … time is running out.

Can the Creekside Crew reach their friends before it’s too late?

There are some things scarier than zombies.

For the people of Fort Ross, it’s the raiders who have arrived on their doorstep.

Kate and her companions are their only hope.

But the road to Fort Ross isn’t easy.

There are wildfires . . .

. . . and intelligent alpha zombies.

Can Kate outmaneuver the alpha zoms and get to Fort Ross before it’s too late?

You’ll love this last installment of Undead Ultra because the stakes are higher than ever.

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