The Fountainhead

Written by:
Ayn Rand
Narrated by:
Edward Herrmann

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2003
8 hours 29 minutes
The Fountainhead studies the conflict between artistic genius and social convention, a theme Ayn Rand later developed into the idealistic philosophy knows as Objectivism. Rand's hero is Howard Roark, a brilliant young architect who won't compromise his integrity, especially in the unconventional buildings he designs. Roark is engaged in ideological warfare with a society that despises him, an architectural community that doesn't understand him, and a woman who loves him but wants to destroy him. His struggle raises questions about society's attitude toward revolutionaries. Since this book's publication in 1943, Rand's controversial ideas have made her one of the best-selling authors of all time.
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James D.

After reading some more recent fiction, I found this book immensely enjoyable. Rand is such a skilled writer! And I agree with many aspects of the thesis she purposes- the importance of individualism and the problems and anti humanistic aspects of collectivism. But in many ways she falls short. Her characters are caricatures, with little realism to them. In some ways the content necessitate this, as the book is really about ideas, not characters. To me at times it felt clunky. If you had to compare her to Shakespeare or Dostoevsky, you would say well they are masters, while she is not quite in the same league. The other main problem seems to me to be that her villain is set up as a straw man, whom she knocks down. I felt this book would have been more powerful if she had taken a more balanced view of the opposite side and still have been able to overcome its arguments.

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Adrian Winters

An exquisite novel, read by a masterful orator. absolutely brilliant!

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My favorite book. It’s better as a book.

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This is a highly original and fascinating book but I didn't realise this was an abridged version. Steer clear and go for the full version. They have cut out some classic scenes, particularly the character development of Ellsworth Toohey which are some of the best bits.

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Jodi C.

Should be required reading for our youth

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Lisa J.

such a powerful novel, well narrated giving real character identity. easy to see why it’s one of the greatest novels of all time. will forever be changed by meeting Howard Roark.

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David S.

Easy listening, but challenging and thought provoking. Strongly recommend.

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Angela P.

great story

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