Fractured Trust: A Fractured Rock Star Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
9 hours 22 minutes
Summer Mackenzie's high-school sweetheart shattered her heart years ago when he betrayed her. Now he's a world-famous rock star and the last thing she wants is to see him again when her life is crumbling around her.

Forgetting what he did is impossible. Ignoring the way he still makes her feel is a losing battle.

Saying yes when he throws her a lifeline that will mean living and working closer to him? That would be crazy . . .

Noah Taylor has spent the last decade living life to the fullest. As drummer for Fractured, he's got everything he could ever want. But seeing Summer again reminds him of a time when she had been everything he wanted. That was until she'd made a decision that had torn his heart to shreds.

He shouldn't care that her life has imploded. He shouldn't try to help her.

And he definitely shouldn't start remembering how good they used to be together . . .

Their chemistry might be undeniable, but second chances don't come easy. After all, shattered hearts can be mended, but trust, once broken, might just stay broken forever.
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