Franciscan Prayer: Hear the Prayers of St. Francis with a Master Poet as Your Guide

Written by:
Murray Bodo
Narrated by:
Murray Bodo
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2010
4 hours 15 minutes
Fr. Murray Bodo is one of Catholicism's greatest living poets. This audio lecture series is a masterpiece of insight into Francis and Franciscan prayer that is sure to ignite your faith.  

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace."

These words come from one of the most recognized prayers in the world, "A Prayer for Peace." Recent custom attributes them to St. Francis, the saint whose legacy leads thousands to pray. Although it is unlikely that St. Francis authored this popular prayer, the Franciscan tradition of prayer is similarly humble and eloquent.

In this 12-lecture series, Fr. Bodo explores the uniqueness of Franciscan prayer as well as its continuity with the Judeo-Christian traditions of prayer. Using the life and prayers of St. Francis as well as his admonitions and writings on how we are to pray, Fr. Bodo treats the 10 movements of Franciscan prayer.

With Fr. Bodo, you will explore how the young St. Francis' imprisonment and subsequent reversal of his ambition to be a knight led to his becoming an interior person, how he learned that the way to God is the way God came to us in the Incarnation, and how St. Francis' prayer for identification with the crucified Christ resulted in the sacred stigmata.
Discover the beauty of Franciscan prayer with Fr. Bodo today.

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