Free-Range Kids: How Parents and Teachers Can Let Go and Let Grow

Written by:
Lenore Skenazy
Narrated by:
Ann Marie Lee

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
9 hours 13 minutes
In the newly revised and expanded second edition of Free-Range Kids, New York columnist-turned-movement leader Lenore Skenazy delivers a compelling and entertaining look at how we got so worried about everything our kids do, see, eat, read, wear, watch, and lick-and how to bid a whole lot of that anxiety goodbye. With real-world examples, advice, and a gimlet-eyed look at the way our culture forces fear down our throats, Skenazy describes how parents and educators can step back so kids step up. Positive change is faster, easier, and a lot more fun than you'd believe. This is the book that has helped millions of American parents feel brave and optimistic again-and the same goes for their kids.

Using research, humor, and feisty common sense, the book shows:

- How parents can reject the media message, 'Your child is in horrible danger!'

- How schools can give students more independence-and what happens when they do. (Hint: Teachers love it.)

- How everyone can relax and successfully navigate a judge-y world filled with way too many warnings, scolds, and brand new fears
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