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Freedom Starts Today: Overcoming Struggles and Addictions One Day at a Time

Written by:
John Elmore
Narrated by:
Jim Denison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
7 hours 15 minutes
Every church is filled with people who are struggling-often secretly-with addictions of all kinds. Porn, pills, food, money, alcohol, social media, body image, status, sex, anxiety-the list goes on and on. John Elmore is no stranger to addiction. Fifteen years ago, he put a loaded shotgun to his head and later had three doctors tell him he was going to die of alcoholism. More than fifteen sober years later, he leads the world's largest weekly recovery gathering, re:generation, where people journey toward healing in Christ.

In Freedom Starts Today, he makes a huge promise to the addicted: you can be free from your struggle, and much sooner than you may think. Through easily digestible readings grounded in Scripture and the practice of daily surrender, Elmore shows you how to break the cycle of addiction, make war against sin, and find your identity in who you are and not the shame of what you have done-one day at a time.

Leave behind struggles, addiction, and shame as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the love, mercy, and forgiveness of the God who is not only by your side but on your side.
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