From Dead to Worse

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
10 hours 5 minutes
After the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the manmade explosion at the vampire summit, everyone-human and otherwise-is stressed, including Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who is trying to cope with the fact that her boyfriend, Quinn, has gone missing. It's clear that things are changing-whether the weres and vamps of her corner of Louisiana like it or not. And Sookie-Friend to the Pack and blood-bonded to Eric Northman, leader of the local vampire community-is caught up in the changes. In the ensuing battles, Sookie faces danger, death, and once more, betrayal by someone she loves. And when the fur has finished flying and the cold blood finished flowing, her world will be forever altered.
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These stories are so much fun to listen to ! I was a "True Blood" fan back in the day & these stories bring me back!

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Scott R.

Another good story to listen to. Great narration as well!

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Christin T.

This is my favorite adult series. It’s funny and easy to listen to. Not too serious. Sometimes reminds me of a romance novel.

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Beverly K.

This one is my favorite one. Third time listening..

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Christina Smithson

As usually I love Number 8 in the series of Sookie Stackhouse adventures as much as I loved the first 7. The narration is excellent also.

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Angelica Aguayo

Loved it! The Stackhouse series can be a bit slow moving but nevertheless I enjoyed the book.

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Bunty Ong

Very good. Enjoyed this book very much. Love all her books. The narration is very good too.

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