Fun Learning Songs 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Twin Sisters IP

Date: January 2013

Duration: 1 hours 5 minutes


Learn about dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and so much more with these 25 fun learning songs! This album teaches kids about all of these things in a fun way and they will love to learn!
Track List:
1. Let's Go On A Dinosaur Dig
2. The Brachiosaurus Rap
3. Tyrannosaurus rex Didn't Get His Supper
4. Have You Ever Wondered?
5. A Bulldozer Operator I Will Be
6. Big Rigs
7. I Wonder What Flying Is Like
8. What Is A Spider?
9. True Bugs
10. What A Change
11. Fireflies, Won't You Come Out Tonight
12. The Tongue Twister Song
13. Adventures By The Ocean
14. I See An Elephant In The Sky
15. It's Called The Water Cycle
16. What Is A Mammal?
17. What Is A Reptile?
18. What Are Amphibians?
19. What Is Physics?
20. What Is Sound?
21. I'm Feeling Light As A Feather
22. Space Colonies
23. What Is A Satellite?
24. It's the Dolphin Symphony
25. The Peacock Song
Runtime: 65:09:00


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