The Gamadin: Word of Honor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2013
2 hours 15 minutes
Word of Honor introduces us to Southern California surfers Harlowe Pylott and Matt Riverstone, whose act of heroism leads them on the adventure of a lifetime. Joined by their friend "Wiz," socialite Leucadia Mars, and movie star/reluctant traveler Simon Bolt, they set out to retrieve Millawanda, an ancient spaceship that once belonged to a race of peacekeepers called "Gamadin." Unfortunately they're not alone in their quest: a destructive alien race has come seeking Millawanda. If they cannot capture it, they will destroy it…along with the planet Earth and all of its inhabitants…as Millawanda just happens to be the most dangerous weapon in the known galaxy. The rumble has begun!
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