Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Robert Morgan

Narrated By: Jill Hill

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: October 2002

Duration: 4 hours 42 minutes


An Oprah's Book Club Selection

After losing both her father and brother before turning 17, Julie faces fire, flood, grifters, sickness, and starvation with grim determination and remarkable stamina. By capturing the earthy details of rural life, including raw, riveting accounts of everything from hog slaughtering to childbirth, Robert Morgan weaves the human and the heroic that coexist in every individual.


  • KP

    I did enjoy this book. As with all abridged versions, I felt like I was missing something, that is the reason for the 4 stars. I feel certain the unabridged would earn 5 stars. The ending, not my favorite but it fits for the time period.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good book. The plot and characters are fairly deep, there was room to expound on the story and expand the characters in the book I felt. The child birth part blew my mind.

  • Janet

    I actually listened to this audiobook twice and enjoyed it both times. Very good!

  • Angie Teal

    I loved this story. Some critics minded the very simple story-telling ie. he said, she said, I said. But that made it just more authentic for me. The narrator was excellent and the story made me feel really grateful for what we have. Julie was a survivor and a woman to admire.

  • Connie

    I didn't know what this book was about because it was so far down on my queue that when I got it I forgot. From the time it started to the end I loved every bit of it and almost felt what it must have been like back then and thinking I could have never been as strong as the young girl was at just 17 years old. what made this book even better was the narrator. I loved her voice, it made it perfect. I have listened and read many books and this one is the first I have every written a review about.

  • mkershner

    I enjoyed this book. I agree that the accent is pretty fake, but it gives the story character. I only gave it 4 stars because the "I said" "he said" thing was driving me nuts!

  • Anonymous

    I wondered for a while if this book was written for children, since there's really no character development, and things are childishly straightforward. Lots of "Mama said, (short snippet)," "Papa said, (short snippet), " "Mama said, (another short snippet)." But then there are a couple of love scenes that are decidedly not for children. I'm not sure WHO the intended audience is. Not me.

  • Anonymous

    Initially,I was annoyed by the phony southern accent. It was irritating and distracting.There are sections of this story that are interesting but for the most part-it is just stupid.After listening to the book to the very end,I thought it was a waste of my time.I definitely would not recommend it.

  • Steve Y

    If you can begin by accepting the simplicity of the writing and that of the narrator, and then work your way painfully through the 1st section without giving up, it will be worth your while. After Julie leaves her family home, the story begins to open up and unfolds into a more compelling tale. It's a somewhat sad story, yet the strenght of the main character leaves you with a reason to cheer.

  • Delores Bertuso

    The book was somewhat depressing, but I found that I could not stop listening to it because of the beautiful prose and the reader. There were parts that were not quite believable, but all-in-all a good read.

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by Robert Morgan

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