Garbage Man

Written by:
Joseph D'Lacey
Narrated by:
Chris Coxon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
10 hours 9 minutes
Ten years after its original publication, this is the third edition of D'Lacey's cautionary eco-thriller, containing an introduction by David Moody plus a brand new foreword by the author.
Shreve, a no-hope town beside the UK's largest landfill. There's nothing Shreve's jaded residents won't stoop to in a bid to liven up their monotonous lives…Wannabe model, Aggie Smithfield, plans to escape before Shreve swallows her ambitions along with a million tons of rubbish and filthy little secrets. Desperate for a way out, Aggie makes a macabre pact with reclusive ex-photographer, Mason Brand. When the town's past catches up with it, their agreement might be the only thing that can save her. Beneath everyone's feet, something stirs. A creature assembled from things no longer loved. When the creature emerges, there will be no way out.

“Joseph D'Lacey rocks!” – STEPHEN KING
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