Written by:
Robert Storey
Narrated by:
Gildart Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
16 hours 26 minutes
Sometimes it's safer in the dark . . .

Deep beneath the mountains of Mexico lies an abandoned underworld; an ancient and enormous archaeological wonder that dwarfs anything ever created by humanity. Trying to flee from its clutches with a stolen artifact, Sarah Morgan holds the key to exposing an extinct species, once capable of extraordinary cultural and scientific advances. But an unknown terror awaits her in the abyss, something distinctly . . . inhuman.

As Sarah fights for survival, Malcolm Joiner is busy weaving a web of lies. The feared and ruthless director of the GMRC's Intelligence Division has uncovered a shocking truth about Project Ares that not only undermines his authority, but threatens the existence of humanity itself . . .
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Peter L.

I loved Gilderoy Lockhart's reading of the Alex Verus series, but in this series, for some reason most of his characters are extremely nasal, and in combination with bad mixing/mastering, the sound is almost painful when he reads those nasal passages.

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Darlene S.

Love this series ❤

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