The Gentleman Who Loved Me

The Gentleman Who Loved Me

Written by:
Grace Callaway
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
11 hours 50 minutes
~Winner of the Passionate Plume Award~ 

'Intoxicating with its passion, seductive intrigue and romance.' -Goodreads

Her Goal is Respectability

The product of her mama's youthful indiscretion, Primrose Kent makes the painful discovery that, in Society's eyes, neither her beauty nor her charm can overcome the fact that she's a bastard...and one with a murky past. After her attempts to gain respectability backfire, Rosie resorts to desperate measures to salvage her reputation. Yet her plan leads to further peril and throws her into the arms of a devilishly attractive man: a stranger who feels achingly familiar...and who will guarantee her ruination.

His Business is Scandal

A former prostitute and now the owner of London's most successful pleasure house, Andrew Corbett is certain of one thing: he's no gentleman. His notoriety has never bothered him until he encounters Primrose Kent, the girl he'd once loved like a sister, but who, as a woman, captures his heart in an entirely different way. He'll stop at nothing to protect Rosie from her enemies...but he must also shield her from his own ungovernable desires.

Their Attraction is Irresistible and Dangerous

As Rosie and Andrew struggle to contain their passion and a love too powerful to resist, danger stalks their every move. They must battle not only their present foes but the looming shadows of the past. In their journey to happily ever after, the pair discover that love isn't what you think you want...but what you truly need.

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