The Geographer's Library

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jon Fasman

Narrated By: Scott Brick

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Date: October 2004

Duration: 15 hours 34 minutes


When a twelfth-century Sicilian burglar snatches a sack of artifacts from the court Geographers library, the tools and talisman of "transmutation" are scattared all over the world. Nine hundred years later, in a sleepy New England town, Paul Tomm, a young reporter investigating the mysterious death of a local professor, finds that someone is collecting them again.


  • Margaret

    This is one book that looks interesting from the blurb but suffers greatly from the writing and lack of an interesting plot line. Paul Tomm, a neophyte newspaper reporter, must write an obituary for an old, strange Estonian scholar that no one admits knowing well. However, he's clueless. Someone is reassembling a 16th century alchemist's library and works to stop any investigation. The book bumbles along with tedious descriptions that resemble creative writing exercises. Jumping from past to present creates a disjointed tale with uninteresting characters. Characters with a spark haven't much of a part. To make this book even more boring, readers will ask in each chapter, what's going on? It isn't until the absolute end that explanation occurs -- a dry story spun by a character who, as a member of a secret organization centuries old, is actually quite inept.

  • Carolyn

    What an enchanting story. The format is somewhat unusual but has its own rhythm that became increasingly pleasant to me as the story progressed. I enjoyed Fasman's use of the language.