Get with the Program: Getting Real About Your Weight, Health, and Emotional Well-Being

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Bob Greene

Narrated By: Bob Greene

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: March 2003

Duration: 2 hours 1 minutes


It¹s keeping the weight off that¹s hard. In Get with the Program! Bob Greene gives you the keys to losing weight and staying fit for a lifetime.
The four-phase plan in Get with the Program! is like having your own personal trainer take you through the psychological, physical, and emotional challenges that are keeping you from weight-loss success. There are no arbitrary deadlines here: you move forward at your own pace, making lifestyle and dietary deadlines and increasing the intensity level of your exercise when it¹s right for you to do so.
In Phase One, you¹ll make the commitment to yourself to Get with the Program, and change the way you think about diet and exercise. Phase Two will show you how to rev up your metabolism using aerobic exercise. In Phase Three you¹ll take control of emotional eating, the eating you do to satisfy your emotional, not physical, hunger. You¹ll also see the positive results of your efforts. Phase Four is all about building muscle, making sure you¹re making the best food choices, and making your new habits of health, activity, and good eating a continuing lifestyle.
Get with the Program! is full of anecdotes and stories of women and men who met their personal goals, further helping to inspire you to move on to the next level of health and fitness.


  • Anonymous


  • Debra

    I actually lent this to a girl at work because she has emotional triggers to eating. Finally, there is a book that tackles why you over eat, tracks it and THEN moves on to losing the weight. It really quizzes you on the why's of eating/exercising why you do or do not do them and helps you realize that you have the control to change things.

  • Jill

    Although simple, Bob has outlined the foundation of the challenges for weight loss. No one needs to be a psychologist to realize that people have issues that get in the way of goals no matter what the goals are. This is the first information that I have read about setting a PACE, how to do it and recognizing the fears that might get in the way of becoming fit. With his experience of all of the excuses that people give for Not working out, he helps people realize that they are getting in the way of their own goals. Although he does not give suggestions of overcoming them, just recognizing that there is a real issue and the ‘how and when’ of training is enough to help anyone “get with the program”.

  • Anonymous

    I am a registered dietitian and my opinion of this book is that Bob Greene is a personal trainer who wrote a book about exercising. He offers little nutritional advice and he focuses on exercising tremendously. He does little to help anyone overcome their emotional issues with eating. That would take a psychologist (with whom he should have consulted). He simplifies everything but there is not anything new that the average person does not know. Eat less and exercise more.

  • Anonymous

    This book gives VERY basic information for people new to healthy living. I found it to be too simplistic and not worth the time.

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by Bob Greene

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