Getting Myself Ready

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2013
0 hours 23 minutes
Your little one will learn how to dress themselves with these 12 great songs! Teaching your child how to get ready in the morning can sometimes be difficult, so use this album to help you out. Children will memorize the lyrics before you know it and will never forget that the tag goes in the back.
Track List:
1. The Tag Goes In The Back
2. What Color Should I Wear?
3. I Can Do It!
4. Let's Play Make-Believe
5. Zip, Button, Buckle and Tie
6. Follow My Directions
7. Two Is Safer Than One
8. Say ""Please"" And ""Thank You""
9. It's Time To Clean Up
10. I Can Wiggle
11. It's Time To Take A Bath
12. Get Wet!
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