Ghettoside: Investigating a Homicide Epidemic

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jill Leovy

Narrated By: Rebecca Lowman

Publisher: Random House UK

Date: March 2015

Duration: 13 hours 25 minutes


Why would you kill your neighbour?Based on the best part of a decade embedded with the homicide units of the LAPD, this groundbreaking work of reportage takes us onto the streets, inside the homes and into the lives of a community wracked by a homicide epidemic.

Through the gripping story of one particular murder of an eighteen-year-old boy named Bryant Tennelle, gunned down one evening in spring for no apparent reason and of its investigation by a brilliant, ferociously driven detective a blond, surfer-turned-cop named John Skaggs it reveals the true origins of such violence, explodes the myths surrounding policing and race and shows that the only way to reverse the cycle of violence is with justice.