The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2013
3 hours 45 minutes
Allie Nicholas is a sixth grader with the ability to see ghosts. A few weeks after helping the ghost of a young girl solve a murder, Allie is approached by another spirit to do the same for him. Allie's class is doing a project for Elder's Day that involves interviewing an older person. The ghost encourages her to pick Mrs. Hobbs, a woman who works in the school cafeteria, as the subject of her project. Although every child in the school is afraid of Mrs. Hobbs, Allie agrees to do it if it will help lay the ghost to rest. Soon, everywhere Allie goes, fires start suspiciously. This new ghost appears to be a handsome young man in need of help, but Allie learns that ghosts are not always what they seem to be. Award-winning author Cynthia DeFelice continues the story begun in The Ghost of Fossil Glen. Narrator Christina Moore perfectly captures Allie's confusion and determination as a normal girl dealing with supernatural problems.
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