Written by:
Jacquelyn Frank
Narrated by:
Xe Sands
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Release Date
July 2011
10 hours 0 minutes
As a healer, he knows her body. But it's her heart he wants.

For a thousand years, Gideon has healed his people. And as the oldest surviving male of his race, his wisdom has always been respected without question. But Gideon knows that even he is vulnerable to the powerful, primitive desires that befall his kind during Hallowed moons-and nine years ago that truth was hammered home when he found himself claiming Magdalena, the Demon King's sister, in a wild embrace. Horrified by his lack of control, he left her wanting and furious-and then exiled himself for the better part of a decade. Now, with necromancers threatening his people-and Magdalena nearly their victim-Gideon must face another truth. He and the beautiful, stubborn Magdalena are destined to be together, to share a love as deep and old as time itself. But first he needs to regain her trust. Then he'll have to save her life.
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The first book was better. I mean, I kind of knew that I wasn't going to like this one as much because I didn't really care for Gideon in the first book. I figured it would be kind of dry because he is so robotic in nature but Lena was actually the one that was the let down. I liked her in the first book but she's a bit of a brat in this one. I get that she was jilted before and she's frustrated at being treated like a child by everyone but she acts like a snotty preteen demanding to be treated as an adult for most of the book while dealing with sex and jealousy for the first time. She keeps telling him to stay out of her head and to stop spying on her emotions but then demands that he is completely open with his own. Just very cringe-worthy. I feel sorry for poor Gideon having to deal with the emotional and sexual whiplash she put him through throughout the book. Hoping the next book is better.

This title is due for release on July 19, 2011.

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This title is due for release on July 19, 2011
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