The Girl from Earth's End

Written by:
Tara Dairman
Narrated by:
Stacy Gonzalez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
10 hours 18 minutes
Twelve-year-old Henna loves living on Earth’s End, the smallest and remotest settlement in the Gardenia Isles. As one of her island’s three residents—the other two are her papas—she spends most of her free time in the garden, coaxing beautiful blooms out of her beloved plants. But when her papa Niall
suddenly becomes seriously ill, Henna’s perfect world is uprooted. So when she hears of a legendary, long-lost plant with miraculous healing powers, Henna knows she must find it and use it to save her papa.
Her search takes Henna away from Earth’s End for the first time and all the way to St. Basil’s Conservatory on the capital island—a strange botanical boarding school rumored to keep a seed of every plant ever grown in the Gardenias. Studying there should be a dream for a gardener like Henna, surrounded not
only by rare and incredible plants but also, for the first time, by other kids. Especially interesting are her new roommates: wisecracking chatterbox P and wealthy, decidedly frosty Lora. But Henna doesn’t have time for other plants, or friends.
She only wants to find the seed that will help her to save her papa’s life.
In a tender tale blossoming with moments of abundant joy, author Tara Dairman cultivates themes of hope, grief, and learning to flourish with a little help from those around you.
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