A Girl Named Zippy

Written by:
Haven Kimmel
Narrated by:
Haven Kimmel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
6 hours 30 minutes
This Today Show book club selection is now available on audio.

Laced with fine storytelling, sharp wit, dead-on observations, and moments of sheer joy, Haven Kimmel's straight-shooting portrait of her childhood gives us a heroine who is wonderfully sweet and sly as she navigates the quirky adult world that surrounds her.

Kimmel takes listeners back to a time when small-town America was caught in the amber of the innocent postwar period: people helped their neighbors, went to church on Sunday, and kept barnyard animals in their backyards.
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This is so weird. This was my life growing up. All the details, from the mom, to the bike, to the friends, to the crazy neighbor lady. I laughed my head off. And now I don't have to do an autobiography. Can't wait to listen to the sequel!

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Lovely & enjoyable book about growing up in a small town. Reminds us that our lives have value and meaning even if we aren't rich or famous. Each of us has a perspective & interests in this world. Very good to listen to!

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I was not happy with this selection. Listening to the author was like hearing nails scratching on a chalk board

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I loved this narration! I have told friends who were about to read the book to listen to it, instead. Haven Kimmel delivers her story in a way that no one else can. Her intonations and emphasis on certain words would be lost if one were to read the book.

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This is an absolutely hilarious book. I was listening to it in my car and laughing out loud and I'm sure other drivers thought I was nuts! The author does a wonderful job reading it. Her observations about her family and her life in this town are so loving, but realistic.

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You couldn't ask for a better situation than the author reading her own story. This entertaining autobiography was touching as well as humorous. Skips around chronologically, but you are so entertained you just go along for the ride.

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