Date: January 2015

Duration: 10 hours 58 minutes


The #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Book of the Year, now a major motion picture.
The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people's lives.
“Nothing is more addicting than The Girl on the Train.”—Vanity Fair

“The Girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable narration than any chiller since Gone Girl. . . . [It] is liable to draw a large, bedazzled readership.”—The New York Times
“Marries movie noir with novelistic trickery. . . hang on tight. You'll be surprised by what horrors lurk around the bend.”—USA Today
“Like its train, the story blasts through the stagnation of these lives in suburban London and the reader cannot help but turn pages.”—The Boston Globe

“Gone Girl fans will devour this psychological thriller.”—People 
Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.

And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?


  • L Schettler

    I got this audio as a recommendation. I am glad I did. I was not disappointed.

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  • Donna P

    Great book! I watched the movie afterward. I have to say the book was better! I commute a lot for work and listened to it every minute of my commute.

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  • Nina S

    The story was slow-moving. The more I got to know the main character, the less I liked her. This was true for all the characters, really. I only finished it because I wanted to know "who dunnit."

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  • Charlinda C.

    Excellent read!

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  • Jamie Krushas

    Loved this book! Kept my attention and the narrators did a wonderful job.

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  • Melodie Helseth

    The narrators were phenomenal and were the only part that made the book interesting. If it weren't for the reviews saying the ending was amazing, I would have never finished the book. It dragged on forever! If you want a great twist with far better writing, read some of Harlan Coben's work.

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  • Michael T.

    I struggled with staying engaged throughout most of the book but it started to pull me more in towards the end…

  • Leo R.

    It’s good, thanks for that

  • Libby B.

    Terrific, suspenseful and surprising.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent thriller

  • Tracy B.

    Nail biter and great narration.

  • Ursula Berliner

    This is SUCH a fast-paced thriller!

  • Michelle M.

    I love this book. Great narration.

  • Sara C.

    Great twists and unexpected turns. Totally recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    Drama. Suspense. Thrill. It had it all. I was hooked the whole time. Loved this book! Loved the narrators!

  • Anonymous

    Great audio book! So much better than the movie. I encourage you to LISTEN first then WATCH later. Loved all the characters, story line and drama.

  • Jennifer H.

    I consider myself pretty good at guessing the ending of almost everything. I have to admit this one got me, I didn't know whodunit until just before the big reveal. Kudos, great listen. Hard to put down, so to speak.

  • Anonymous

    story was fantastic...a page turner for sure and clever way of connecting the characters in this writing style the narrators were also really good...Rachel in particular was outstanding!

  • Anonymous

    best book ever kept me in my toes loved it

  • Jenifer D J.

    Girl on the train is: a riveting experience to listeniers;!draws you in where you can't put the book down or, stop listening; should I say. It's awesome! Can you guess who the Killer is?I thought it was someone quite different, not the obvious suspect but someone else other than the person who actually did the killing. Nonetheless it's real, it's a ride, and it has a surprise mid drift an awesome ending.

  • Pamela J.

    Great book! I watched the movie as well and it didn’t do justice for the book.

  • Kimyan G.

    Frustrated. pretty much sums up how I felt about this book. I really wanted to like it. there was so much potential but ugh I kept finding myself fussing at the main character, annoyed by the people in her life who just let her decline. The narration was the bright spot in the book for me.

  • Mayda T.

    Excellent story. It kept my attention and I looked for quiet times to listen to this “ who done it “ novel.

  • Carmen R.

    Great book! Well narrated!

  • David J.

    Loved listening to this book.

  • Anonymous

    This was a pretty good book. Extremely slow in the beginning, well almost midway, but it really kicked up speed in the last 3 or so hours of the last part of the book. As long as you don’t mind a slow start it’s a great read.

  • Diane R

    I really enjoyed listening to my first audio book in a very long time. Very exciting listen. I just couldn’t stop and finished in 2 days!

  • Sushanti B

    First audiobook and it was amazing! The narrators did an exceptional job!

  • Tamekia B

    Started off slow but it picks up. Great read!

  • nab6215

    When you start "The Girl on the Train" you are not sure where the book is going but it hooks you fast. When you are deep into the book, its tone reminds me of "Deadly Partnership: Murder, Blackmail and Voices from the Spirit World" by Richard Gardner.* It was creepy and haunting and there was lots of alcohol. When you get to the end. Oh, oh, so satisfying. Homework: Look for the number three in "The Girl on the Train" because it pops up a lot. Look for its significance.

  • Deborah D

    I can't say that I liked this book. It's quite dark,particularly for me as I am a psychiatric nurse. But I found the story so compelling that I had a hard time putting it down. The twists and turns weren't unexpected, but the ending was. This is a well written story, and well narrated. I recommend it!

  • Hillari A

    This was a great book. Looking forward to more books. I especially loved the different storylines. This book kept me wanting more. I couldn’t stop listening.

  • Emily W

    Loved this book! I loved having a couple narrators and the different story lines.

  • Lupe C

    very good and suspenseful and narrating was very good I recommend this book

  • Patricia G

    Very good to listen, couldn't stop until the story was complete! Very much enjoyed have different narrators. This was my first audio book referred by a co-worker. Really enjoyed this book. Very sad but a good listen.

  • mary a

    Great story, I couldn't put it down. Really liked the different narrators for the characters.

  • Monica M

    I am blown away by this book.... and the narrator literally owned every character in the book. I hate to see it end! Thrilling!

  • Jayme H

    Awesome book! Glad I chose this for my first audiobook!!

  • Meagan P

    Can not write enough wonderful things about this book! Absolutely wonderful!

  • joseph j

    I liked listening to the book. But, I didn't care too much for the swearing; great story line.

  • Stephen F

    If you watched the movie first, I'm sorry..... You should never watch this movie. The book, on the other hand, is one of the best mystery novels I've ever listened to. Please do yourself a favor and read or listen to this book and forget they ever made a movie from it.

  • Lacy L

    Loved loved loved this book! Excellent story and fantastic narration. I liked it far better than the movie, I couldn't stop listening.

  • Krista D

    This was a pretty good book. Slow at times but not overly dramatic like some books. The writer did a great job representing the mental health and addiction aspects of the storyline. The narrators were excellent.

  • Carolyn C

    I was disappointed in the story and in the sad characters. There was little to like in any character. Nothing to celebrate; little to like. It took me ages to make my way through. A chore- I wanted to finish what I had paid for and started.

  • Lee Anne F

    Excellent read. Good story line with a unexpected ending. It's easy to relate to the characters.

  • OMeika D

    So this was my second audiobook to listen to. The narrator was okay. It was a hard listen at first because the story kept jumping to different character but as you continue to listen you pick that up and it keeps you guessing what the heck is going on until the very end!! SMH. How in the world did I miss the crazy character in the beginning!! They seemed so normal. I'm glad that I kept listening. Be ready to really listen so that you can keep up otherwise you could get lost quickly!!

  • Maghan P

    I really enjoyed this audiobook! I loved the story and the narrators. It was a nice way to show the different characters.

  • Val F

    Not what I expected. Keeps you guessing. Good listen.

  • Jay T

    Entertaining listen. Keeps you guessing until the end.

  • Christine S

    Loved it! I thought the narrator was terrific. I listened in my car during two long trips I had and I was riveted. Couldn't wait for the next car ride so I finished listening at home with my headphones on!

  • Jessica B

    I love this book, I couldn't stop listening once I started. The narrator was perfect!

  • Justyna B

    The narrator is fantastic! The book was great and I enjoyed it a lot while jogging.

  • Jamie E

    Great narration. Finished it in 2 days on long road trip! Very suspenseful.

  • Kay T

    The book was very enjoyable. I loved the narrator.

  • Amanda B

    Listened to this book on vacation. It was good, kept my interest and the narration was great.

  • Brittany M

    Great read and listen.

  • Julie C

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a good story, and easy to listen to.

  • Claudia S

    I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't stop listening to it once I started and it was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this book and I also enjoyed the narrator.

  • Cari J

    In suspense the whole time!

  • Amber Rotramel

    This was a wonderful first book to begin my Audiobook journey! Loved the narration, keeps you on your toes - much better than the movie!!

  • Ed Nebens

    I normally read Tom Clancy (so I am clearly not the audience here) But I came in with an open mind due to all the hype. It was an ok story but just kind of boring until the very end and the 3 main female characters were just so pathetic and weak (once again until the very end) it was hard to like them or anyone else in the book. Did not really enjoy it at all and was a pretty big let down.

  • Sandra L Bouzianis

    It was confusing at first but I stayed with it to the end! It ended up being a very good story that kept me turning the pages to figure out who was the murderer.

  • Sheri Steward

    Very good book!

  • Liz buhay

    Loved this book. It was hard to get into at first and I didn't figure out that there were three narrators until 2-3 hours into the book because they sounded similar at first. I really liked the narration on Rachel the best! It was hard to stop listening to this book!!!

  • adrenne melendez

    An amazing story. I love how everything tied in together and all the pieces came together. Excellent narration!

  • Javier Vazquez Caputo

    Story definitely not worth all the hype. Narration was great!

  • Elizabeth Chase

    Great book, keeps you guessing from beginning to end.

  • Angela Suane

    Great book!! Can't wait to see the movie. It starts off kind of slow but quickly gets interesting. Especially when you realize the characters aren't who the appear to be. It really does make you look at perfect strangers differently. Never judge a book by its cover.

  • Dana Meartz

    Finally a book that I couldn't stop listening to! Kept me intrigued from beginning to end. I thought the ending could have been more twisted but still a really great book!

  • Rachel Wise

    I loved this book from beginning to end...I may just have to keep this monthly subscription so I can download more like this thriller.

  • Tana Defa

    Character development was great! Really enjoyed the evolution of the characters and the building of tension!

  • Rachelle McDonald

    I love this story and how the narrator made you feel like you were there.

  • Karen Jacobson

    Good thriller to listen to with twists and turns in the story. Other than being so annoyed at Rachel for most of the bone-headed things she did, i really enjoyed the book.

  • Kathleen Doody

    Downloaded. The girl on the train to listen to on vacation

  • Kristina Santamaria


  • Ronald Blair

    Too slow. Not my style.

  • Sabrina Swafford

    I enjoyed listening to this book. The narrator did a fantastic job bring all of the characters to life. While this story started off slow, it picks up speed and keeps your interest with a great twist at the end.

  • Rhonda Marsh

    Fantastic read...I loved the slow start as we get to know Rachel..once the other characters were introduced, the pace quickened and the details gripped...and by the time the climax of the story arrives it's as if you've been on your own train ride..slowly picking up speed with each plot twist and eventually pulling back into the station. The movie was inferior in every way to the book. Highly recommended read!

  • Bill Shick

    I absolutely loved this Audiobook. Took a 3.5 hr drive from Pittsburgh to West Virginia and then back home this past Sunday. I couldn't wait to get thru to the end of this book. Very well spoken and compelling. Terrific ending.

  • Rachel George

    Recommend! I really enjoyed this book.

  • annmarie beaty

    My first audio book! It was great, have not seen the movie yet so it was very intense! I was getting very eager to find out what happened. I loved the change of characters. Helped stay focused on the book!

  • Katherine Robinson

    Enjoyed listening to the book and getting the different character perspectives. I didn't like the movie, but the book was excellent.

  • Brittany Walker

    A bit confusing to keep up with the different narratives in the beginning, but once in the thick on things, it was easier to understand each character. The author keeps you guessing on who killed Megan and why , until the very end. Truly enjoyed listening to this audiobook.

  • Jennifer Ferguson

    The book was so good that I don't think the movie could stand up to it. It's the type of book that you wish wasn't over.

  • Mariana Murphy

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn't stop listening!

  • Troy Clark

    This not my type of book, it was a gift so I listened to it. It was read well, but for a action book person, this is not for me. It felt very slow and was hard to want to finish. But since it was a movie and I heard about the ending I wanted to hear it. I was glad when it was finished.

  • Alyssa Kenville

    I really enjoyed this book. I listened to it on the treadmill and found myself doing extra miles just to see what happened next!

  • Ana Hodes

    I really enjoyed this book. I listened to it on a 10 hour drive and it kept me so engrossed I almost forgot to stop for gas at one point. I too liked the use of different narrators for the different women. It definitely helped me keep everyone straight. Now, to watch to movie!

  • Jessica Gilbert

    I loved it. Granted I did watch the movie before I listened, but I think the book was way more interesting than the movie. Also I liked how each woman had a different reader so you had a general idea of what character was speaking/thinking.

  • Roxanna Gutierrez

    This was a thoughtful book that dragged quite a bit at the beginning. The characters were well rounded and interesting. It seems like a good first book. But I'm probably not likely to read something from this same author again because I prefer a quicker plot development.

  • Babbie Jaco

    Was a little slow to get into and then gripped me and I could not stop listening. Good one!

  • Emily Kellis

    Good book.

  • Lindsay Edwards

    Really enjoyed the book. Lived up to what I had expected and had some twists throughout the story line. Loved the English narrators as well.

  • Jeanette Padilla

    Great book. I couldn't stop listening for hours at a time. Loved the narration.

  • Kaitlyn Lopez

    This was a really good book, keep me wanting to hear more! I can't wait to watch the movie!

  • Yvonne Hawkins

    Awful and boring story. Would not reccommend to any one.

  • Nicole Perras

    This book was awesome. I really liked it. Narrator was fantastic.

  • Sharon Flammia

    I did enjoy the 3 character voices. I'm not sure I would be able to drive and listen. I will have to try as I am new to

  • Rebecca Crawford

    Book was great. I really enjoyed the narration on this book! Great work!

  • Robin Goodrich

    A little slow at first but I enjoyed it!

  • Marah Walsh

    I thought the book was pretty good. Slow at first. For much of the first half the change in dates narratives was hard to follow but by midway through I understood the importance of this and saw why it was needed. I liked the three narrators but in some cases was distracted by the choppy-ness of the voices during the storytelling. It was suspenseful in some areas but only a 4 because it was a bit predictable. However, it was short, so it was worth the listen.

  • Esther Baas

    Couldn't get into it. The entire way through I was waiting for something to happen.

  • Kacey Darling

    This was a great audio book. The three narrators performed it well and it kept my attention all the way through.

  • Elizabeth Ray

    I really enjoyed the suspenseful nature of the story. Made our very long drive go by really fast. I feel like some parts dragged on a little, but overall it was a great story. I also loved that they used different narrators for each of the three main characters.

  • Susanna Burger

    I really like the narration with the multiple voices representing the various characters. I highly recommend this audiobook.

  • Carissa Jackson

    I really liked this book. I found myself listening to it while I worked on my computer, cooked and drove. I think the narrators were all good. I think this along the lines of Gillian Flynn. I would recommend!

  • jay requarth

    Dull, dull, dull. The book could have been 90% shorter and still have had the same character development. I never liked alcoholics, who drink to blackout, as the protagonist anyway. And, no, people don't get those memories back. They are not repressed; they are never created. Too much female angst, too much alcoholic self-loathing, and too much unlikely interference in an active police investigation. It was really rather awful. The narration was silly with Clare Corbett and Louise Brealey trying to sound like a man.

  • Jonathan Witmer

    Excellent story and narration! I highly recommend it!

  • Valerie Thompson

    Loved it very suspense field kept my attention can't wait to watch the movie now very well read!

  • Steffany Cummings

    This was a very good listen - I docked 1 star only because I lost interest during some parts due to excessive detail that I didn't feel added much to the story for me. I'm glad i listened to it and am looking forwar to the movie.

  • Marissa Rosasco

    Helped the long drive go by fast!

  • Maurene Hart

    Make the long drives go by so fast!

  • john ballesteros

    Interesting so far.

  • michelle jamison

    I loved the twists and turns I took reading this book.

  • Cynthia Lopez

    Loved the book! So happy I found this app, I can finally enjoy books again.

  • Emily Rogers

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book! It's easy to follow and listen to while driving. It kept my interest the entire time.

  • Tamara Malan

    Great story, sad and pathetic at times with interesting twist in characters. The voice change for each character by the narrator was very helpful to keep everyone straight. Overall I recommend you read it.

  • Amanda Scott

    Great book! The narrative was a 5 and wonderful for Rachel and Meghan, but Anna was not good, which is why I gave it a 3 all together. I honestly wanted her to stop telling me the story it was so bad. She talks like she is reporting me the news, like a news anchor saying everything in a monotoned voice. I don't get how they let her talk like that, just odd. Besides that, this book is a 5 and I can't wait to see the movie!

  • Michael Thamm

    It was tough listening to the British accent. I liked the book. I prefer an American accent.

  • Aura Gray

    This was a great book, I didn't see the end coming. I loved Rachel.

  • Tracee Clements

    Kept me interested and made me look forward to my road trips. Now I am ready to see the movie!

  • david brouillet

    The reading was well done. I loved the story and it kept me wrapped up wanting more.

  • Brooke Waddell

    The book is ok. Less exciting than what I was expecting. Narration was good and the different voices helped me keep the who's-who together.

  • Mike morgan

    I don't understand why all the hype. This book is average at best. The narrative is very good, but the story appears to be watered down and at times bland.

  • Emily Marberry

    I loved this book! It's been a while since I've been into a novel so I decided to buy the book and follow along with the audiobook recording. I appreciated the different voices for the different characters. However, sometimes I felt there could've been a better pace, a little slow at times. Overall, it was a great read both on paper and to listen too.

  • Kelsey Murphree

    It definitely started out a little slow but stick with it because the end gets way intense.

  • Aleasha Liddle

    Started a little dry but quickly grasped my attention!

  • Katlyn Grimes

    Very intriguing and kept me guessing!! Great book!!

  • Denise Reid

    Great book! Really enjoyed it!

  • Janine Pitts

    Loved the book. It was much better than the movie. Great story and it kept me captured. Loved the narrator!

  • Darlene Mollard

    The book was depressing, and slow moving. It had a good twist towards the end though.

  • Amy Krozell

    I really enjoyed this book and the narration!

  • Candy Findley

    Great story. Couldn't stop listening. Liked that main characters were read by different narrators.

  • T P

    Gripping story! Great to listen to on a long drive. Really enjoyed the voices of the narrators for each character and the story being told from multiple perspectives.

  • Angie Munoz

    An amazing read, I couldn't stop the story. I totally recommend it.

  • Esther Skordas

    Great book love these twisted stories. The movie was good but not as good as the book.

  • Jennifer Pahl

    I loved this book. It's one of my favorites. The narration was perfect!!!

  • karen barnes

    This was and will always be the best book for my friends birthdays and anniversaries. I give them this book and they all rave about it!

  • Misty Davidson

    A slow start but I'm glad I stuck with it!!! So unpredictable!!

  • Misty Davidson

    A slow start but I'm glad I stuck with it!!! So unpredictable!!

  • Jennifer Morrison

    I liked the suspense, even if some of the twists were a little predictable. I loved the distinct voices for each woman. I am still hearing the accents in my head.

  • Kristin Perry

    This book was fantastic. I loved the narrators, and had no problems keeping the characters straight. I have no complaints at all!

  • Rosa Cortez

    Loved every twist and turn of this book. I start on a Thursday morning and finished that following Monday night. I was constantly plugged into my headphones !!!

  • Jessica Derby

    A little slow at times waiting for the suspense, but ultimately was a good read/listen- can't wait to watch the movie!

  • Sandie Martin

    It was good. I liked the different voices.

  • Celina Jimenez

    I loved the suspense! I could not stop listening! The narrators voices were a delight to listen to.

  • Marilyn Henson

    An interesting read, it became predictable halfway through. Plot was good, but sometimes the narrator talked way too fast.

  • Adela Cochrun

    I loved this book! Wow! Thank you for making it available on audio. Love this app for sure!

  • Tshanna Laventon

    Great book!!! It was a bit slow at first. However once it got going I didn't want to stop.

  • ferhat kocabas

    Impossible to listen to because of the narrator.

  • Margarita Donez

    The narrator made it almost impossible to listen to.

  • Belle Clark

    Excellent book! It's very well written, keeps you in suspense. I love that there was more than one narrator.

  • Champagne Maker

    A great book! I can't wait to see the movie!! This might be one I wish I had seen the movie first.

  • Kelly O\'Connor

    Loved this book. It was hard to get into the first few minutes but the characters are well narrated and you are easily drawn into the twisted storyline. It's hard to see what's coming next and that's the best part! Overall, really glad I listened to this book.

  • Aalese Borum

    I couldn't stop listening. I am looking forward to the movie.

  • Bari Bucholz

    This book was amazing. I read it and loved it so much. I wanted to listen to it before watching the movie! Coming soon to a theatre near you! Loved the narrators accent. It made you feel like you were right there.

  • Jacqueline Jenkins

    I will give the novel, GIRL ON THE TRAIN an excellent rating! I found the novel to be a magnificent read. I would recommend it to everybody. It was exciting to read. It gets every star you have on the board!!! I'm giving it 5 stars. I'll give the readers 5 stars, as well.

  • Carmel Sileo

    This book has been consistently compared to "Gone Girl" but Hawkins is a much better writer than Gillian Flynn abd her characters are far more interesting. This book had me gripped from the first sentence to the last, it's a murder mystery, a tragedy and at times a bittersweet comedy, all rolled into one, with protagonists you will root for even when they exasperate you. Really well done. If you want a cannot-put-down thriller without the ugliness of Flynn's book this us for you. Outstanding narration breathes the story into life.

  • Rachele Morley

    Couldn't stop listening...can't wait to see the movie!!

  • Danielle Callahan

    An excellent story. I can't wait to read another by same author.

  • Nicholas Pappas

    This book is a good quick read. Having three readers worked well too.

  • Christine Holsopple

    This is an amazing book. I got it for a long trip I had to do by myself, and it really helped me through the trip. It was engaging and really helped me from getting sleepy while driving! Highly recommend!

  • loree west

    Good read... Not as action packed or intense as other mysteries but still a good read.

  • Katie Lea Salazar

    If you are looking for the anatomy of an alcoholic and the story of three depressed, and I mean depressed girls, this is the book for you. I was looking for a murder mystery, and this was not it until the very end of the book. Approximately 10 hours of the story were terrible, unbearable. I have a pact with myself to finish any book I start; this one almost made me break that pact. The last 30 minutes or so were good, mainly because it was finally about the murder. The rest of the book was, thinly, the murder plot, but was mostly just depression pouring out from three pitiful human beings. It was so terrible and depressing that I quit listing while I would run; it was too depressing and boring. Seriously, it was awful. On the other hand, the narrator did a great job, especially given the awful story she was required to narrate.

  • Melissa McGahee

    Amazing!! found myself giving up TV during the evenings which I almost never do.

  • Edwina Mayer

    Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book, especially the intricacies of characterization, I had figured out the mystery much too long before the central character, so it was not as suspenseful for me as I would have liked. The readers are supurb.

  • Kathryn Heath

    Great book to listen to. It was the perfect break from music on my days in the car for work!

  • Katie Kiddoo

    Loved this book! Great story to listen to and the narrator does a great job differentiating all three story lines

  • Sarah Dooley

    First audio book and I kept wanting to make time to listen more! Interesting story and wonderfully narrated.

  • Sarika Gupta

    Narration was wonderful and paced well to create suspense. This story was especially good to listen to on busy days, when I needed a break away from the fast-pace of work and commuting. Interesting characters and development.

  • Justine Taylor

    Absolutely great book, it kept me involved the whole time. I did not want to stop listening The narration was perfect.

  • lori handy

    WOW i don't know what i'm missing, but reading all the reviews and now there is a movie. The only part of 11 hours that was worth it was the ending. i'm really disappointed that i have l to be a wet blanket , but did not listen to the rave on the book. Usually the book is better than the movie, but this movie i will definitely not watcnh

  • DJ Criswell

    Not my cup of tea! May be okay to read but not much to listen to

  • Whitney Weber

    Perfect first audiobook. Made my long runs fly by. I couldn't wait to hear what happened next. Great character development.

  • Lynn Hayes

    I really enjoyed the book...the narration was superb.

  • Shannon Mazurowski

    I enjoyed the narration of this book, however, while overall I thought the book itself was good their were parts that seemed to drag on. At time it seems to take a while to get to the point but in general id say it was a good read.

  • Dawn Swindle

    I thought this was a great book - it didn't quite live up to the "uber scary" hype, but I thought it was really good. I thought the narration was WONDERFUL.

  • Kim Feldhaus

    Great story, exciting, superb narration! Loved it and would recommend it!

  • Patricia Cox

    Excellent thriller. I was in suspense until the end.

  • Lauren Tate

    This was my very 1st audiobook and it was an absolute DELIGHT! The book was fantastic and the narrators voices brought everything to life perfectly! The only negative thing I can say is that I'm now hesitant to listen to another selection because I'm afraid it will not live up to The Girl on The Train. Hands down 10/10!!!

  • Brandi Fields

    Loved it! Couldn't wait to hear what was going to happen next, made my work commutes less boring ????

  • Samantha Ormrod

    This book is breath-taking, literally - I found myself gasping throughout the book. So many twists and turns, and each voice of the narrators really matches their character. A MUST LISTEN!

  • Tobi West

    So great! Perfect for a road trip or long hours in the car. 10/10 would recommend

  • Lynette Witzig

    This was a thrilling suspense and I just loved listening to the voices of the narrators. Great accents!

  • Kat Quach

    The book is thrilling and captivating from the start. All the characters have depth to them, and the narration is awesome

  • Jennifer Parisi

    I have never looked forward to commuting to work more. I was pretty instantly hooked on the story and I loved the different voices. I think the narrators did a good job of creating characters through their narration. Loved it!

  • Laura Webb

    I couldn't wait to drive somewhere to continue listening. The narration was very good.

  • Jim Umphries

    This was my first audio book, so have no other reference other than hard copy books. If this had been a hard copy I would have carried it with me every where. I loved the story even though it started slow it hooked me after third chapter. I recommend once you get by character building stuff.

  • Vaneisha Brown

    Great audiobook. The narration was excellent. Now, I have an English my head. :)

  • Melissa Johnston

    It kept me guessing down to the end. The narration was well done.

  • Sandy Miller

    I really enjoyed this book. The narrators were very good, loved their accents. This was my first audiobook, I liked listening in my car and found myself taking longer routes just to hear more.

  • Elizabeth Griggs

    A little challenging to follow on audio, but last few hours were great!

  • adam croce

    A poor man's "Gone Girl" - Girl on the Train has a very unlikable protagonist that somehow bumbles her way through a murder mystery. Somewhat entertaining, somewhat annoying, this book finds the perfect balance of pity and heroism to keep the reader interested, but that's about it. Would not recommend.

  • Barbie Dais

    Good! Nice twist at the end, surprised me. Not my favorite, but a good read.

  • Barbara Gitt

    My first audiobook...loved it! I go on a 5-mile walk after work every day and this made the time fly!

  • Somer Szarlacki

    A very good read. Loved the narration especially. I could really get a feel for the characters.

  • Kathryn Hamilton

    Absolutely loved this audiobook for both the story and the narrators voice. Wish she would narrate some more books!

  • Alhassan Kamara

    Can't stop reading this book. The story make me love reading.

  • Rachel Khan

    My first audiobook. Absolutely great. The Narrators were A-mazing! Couldn't stop listening.

  • Lea Solid

    Awesome book and narrators! I literally couldn't stop listening!

  • Jeanie Smith

    Liked the book, I really enjoyed the narrators, was a great first listen for a newcomer to audio books!

  • Jennifer Dion

    Great book! I really enjoyed the narrators, was a great first listen for a newcomer to audio books!

  • Ron Hollier

    Great read! Awesome narrators. Story seemed real time. Moved a little slow and could have focused on the motivation of the "killer" more. But enjoyable listen.

  • Kristen Norris

    The Narrators did a tremendous job. Good speed, accurate rhythm for conversation and excellent cadence. The story is well done but lacks character depth in the males mainly.

  • Arch Ratliff

    Great story! Although there is quite a bit of fluff!

  • Andrew ONEAL

    Stupid story that kept dragging on and on. There were no plot twists or anything unexpected. Started off slow then came together pretty well and got interesting then slowed down and took forever to end. Pass on this book.

  • natalie brown

    This was a great book, kept me on the edge of my seat!

  • Connie McCormmach

    What an overrated tedious piece of fluff this novel is!!....on and on and on it goes, page after page of boring and predictrable interior monologue. I gave up.

  • Kelsey Quann

    Awesome book! I couldn't wait to keep listening to it. It's very suspenseful!

  • Catherine Downing

    Amazing. The twists and turns kept me captivated all the way through.

  • Julie McClelland

    I absolutely loved this book. Could hardly stop listening, especially after the first couple of chapters. The narrator did a great job. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. This was my first audiobook and I will definitely start listening to more. Yay audiobooks!

  • Rachel Petrella

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire reading.

  • Mackenzie Morrison

    I loved the story and the narration. The multiple narrators really helped bring the story to life.

  • Krystal Holtcamp

    A fabulous story. I appreciate the multi-narrators which make the audio easier to follow. Would definitely recommend!

  • Thomas Bigos

    The story was great and the narration was even better. Sometimes British accents are difficult to follow, but these narrators were perfect.

  • Erica Udall

    I enjoyed the story- it gave me an excuse to take long walks with my dog as I listened and conjectured about the plot line.. The book is a typical whodunnit, nothing particularly special about it to be honest but still addicting enough to listen to that I finished it in about 3-4 days. The narrators for Rachel and Megan were great but I found the narrator for Anna's character to be overbearing and sounding like a newscaster.

  • Tara Taylor

    My first audio book.... LOVED it. I found myself listening to this any chance I got because I was so hooked. Great narrators and awesome, suspenseful book!

  • adrianna janowicz

    Really good book a great narration! I couldn't stop listening.

  • Patrick Garcia

    Very well written by the author and I enjoyed reading it through different character's perspectives. Quick read!

  • Julie Silva

    Riveting story. Told so well. The narrators were perfect. Megan's voice was perfect for her character. I was so into this story, I would have dreams about it!! Great book.

  • Nicole Hicks

    Awesome book, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

  • Tara Luedke

    I enjoyed listening to this book more than I would have enjoyed reading it myself. It isn't what I would normally read but I felt it was well narrated and interesting characters and plot.

  • Denise Lambino

    I enjoyed listening to this book. It was so captivating I wouldn't mind listening to it again.

  • Dawn Emanuele

    Kept me guessing almost until the end!!! Highly recommend this book????

  • Liz Jameson

    Liz Jameson Great to listen to! Loved the voices for each character. It was my first Audio book what a great start .

  • Anne Badgley

    The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins What a great listen! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone that likes to be totally engrossed in their books!

  • Jean Peters

    It is a complicated novel and I had trouble distinguishing the female narrators, there is not enough variation in the voices. My least favorite audible book as a result.

  • Lelia Seropian

    This was a great listen! The story was interesting, and I really enjoyed the multiple narrators who brought the different characters to life. I highly recommend it!

  • Anette Hall

    Good story, kept my attention - the readers were great, which contributed to making the story more interesting, more gripping. The reader of Megan's character was absolutely great! She was the character, rather than just reading the lines. Finished in two days, and would definitely recommend.

  • Rebecca Mailloux

    This was my first audiobook ever and I loved every minute of it. I travel a lot and this made the trip a lot more enjoyable. I couldn't stop listening to it. Completed the book in three road trips. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes watching lifetime movie network. I've already recommended it to several of my family members.

  • Kelly Rucker

    A very good book that I would recommend. It is written in first person but chapters alternate between characters - therefore you get the perspective of the same event from different points of view. I found this writing style to be very interesting. From an audio point of view, I would love to hear more distinguishable voices for the different characters.

  • jordan berman

    It's possible the audio narration improved the story line. I was weary when this book was compared to Gone Girl, by G Flynn (which, for the record I enjoyed, but it's a bit "cast typing" for suspense fiction), however the story and characters are more realistic and relate able, while maintaining fluid and intriguing plot. I really enjoyed.

  • Diane Hollman

    Good book! Listened in car over several days. Easy to stop and start! Loved the twists and turns of the story!

  • Taylor Keller

    Great book! Loved listening to it at work. Suspenseful but not too much.

  • Jayna Manzelli

    Really enjoyed the stories and how they all intertwined. Narrators had great inflection and tone but I wish they read a little faster though. I tried to speed it up with the app, but did not like the distortion.

  • Mary Nieves

    Great story, interesting and intriguing. Great narration.

  • Chantil Breen

    Enjoyed this very much, can't wait for the movie.

  • Ida Vandaei

    Great story and narration. It was a great read for my long road trip

  • Barbara Barragan

    Was very suspenseful-narration was great. Had vivid images in my head!

  • Shannon Potash

    LOVED IT!!! Leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more! Twists and turns until it all comes together in a powerful ending!

  • Christy Barrett

    You know you made a great audio book choice when you are annoying your boyfriend by sneaking in your ear buds every chance you get! Loved the narration as well!

  • Kate Hejde

    So good! Kept me intently listening all the way through. Great narration, did not drone on. There were a few times I had to rewind to catch dates and who was speaking, but it really is a fantastic audiobook.

  • Carolyn Talbot

    This is a really good choice in the suspense/thriller genre, and I would have given it 4 stars, but I really feel the story is better actually read than listened-to. It's difficult to follow, unless you're in a road-trip situation, so that you can finish in 1-2 days. Otherwise, I'd suggest Gone Girl.

  • Shilan Noori

    one of the best audio books i have ever heard. just simply amazing!

  • amy jacobs

    Great book was perfect for roadtrip. Great character development, realistic and flawed.

  • Ellen Dickman

    The story is interesting and keeps you guessing. Having different people narrate the various characters made it more interesting than just one narrator. However, it was a bit long and parts seemed unnecessary. It probably could have been cut down to 5 or 6 hours instead of nearly 12.

  • Kathy Leui

    Hands down best audio book! Wow, plot was incredible, narrator was phenomenal, fasted paced, I can't say enough to do this book justice.

  • kimberly SCoggins

    Girl on A Train is brilliant! The characters & story are interesting and intense. The narration was on point. I highly recommend this book.

  • Marcie Barr

    Great book from start to finish! Interesting story from multiple perspectives, and it was perfect for keeping us entertained on our cross country road trip. Highly recommended!

  • Molly Williams

    Definitely a good choice for first time audio book listeners. It's very easy to follow and you get sucked into the story. I wasn't expecting the outcome and the suspense kept my interest peaked. I will say that this book leans more towards a female audience. My boyfriend couldn't listen to it with me lol.

  • Christina Kenworthy

    Awesome book! This was my first listen and it definitely made me want to continue with more!

  • Mary-Elisabeth Ruttenbur

    Great audiobook! Perfect for first time listeners.

  • Kayla Hatfield

    I never have time to read so I thought I would give audio books a shot! I've been dying to read this book! It was amazing and I was incredibly impressed by audiobooks!

  • Rochelle Rector

    Exciting! Very hard to put down. Did not expect that ending.

  • Maureen Foley

    A great plot narrators did a great job that would be missed with reading.

  • Kourtnee Moore

    This a a true definition of psychological thriller with a very good twist at the end. I enjoyed the book

  • Toni Clayton

    The ending! Great book overall some of the voices are annoying but nothing you can't deal with!

  • Will Hunt

    This book is an investment - it starts off feeling insipid but picks up steam the longer it goes on. Hawkins succeeds in creating a truly despicable villain, but the journey on which she takes us to get there feels less natural than it does like a magician relishing an audience's perplexity over where the surprise trick will come into play. The twist is something that you *may see coming early on, especially if you've read any novels by Tana French or Gillian Flynn lately. This is definitely a psychological thriller, that fits in with the generic obsession with sociopaths that has gripped popular literature since Hannibal Lecter first came on page. This is a good treatment of that subject, definitely worth the press and at least one read - but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think there were better ones out there.

  • Bridget Pennington

    I love the way the story is presented from three character perspectives. Also, it kept me guessing till the end.

  • Nicole Humphrey

    I absolutely loved the plot. I could relate to each of the characters. I especially loved Anna. I hate to admit it but I loved how unapologetic she was about her position and what she stands for. I'm happy I took a chance on this.

  • Matthew Chase

    This book was made to be an audio book! From three different perspectives, the voice acting is astonishing. The story is fascinating and you'll always feel engaged when listening. I highly recommend this title. You will not be disappointed.

  • Marilyn Wilson

    This was a great audiobook! Interesting plot that keeps your attention. The narrators change based on the character's perspective which I liked. The story will keep you guessing and was intriguing! I would recommend this to someone else.

  • Molly Beerse

    A engulfing mystery that will make you love and hate characters as it pulls you to the very end. Very much recommended for mystery lovers and Gone Girl fans!

  • Lindsay Daniels

    Great book! Kept you intrigued all the way to the very end. Love that the narrator is British and the story is set in England.

  • David Miller

    A really great book that starts a little slow but pulls you in. Great narration. Worth a listen.

  • Katie Reed

    Loved this book! It was so much better than Gone Girl.

  • Donald Lauder

    Good story. Narrators kept me glued to the story. It's hard to write a review without spoilers so I'll keep this brief. Definitely worth listening to.

  • Armando Lopez

    Melodramatic storytelling with unlikeable characters. Grows tiresome quickly, narration is a bit over the top for my taste

  • Lari Bright

    I liked the narration. Clare Corbet did a great job at changing accents and inflections with each character. The story line was interesting and kept me wanting to continue listening. I had a hard time with the deaths in this story.

  • Jennifer Clapp

    Excellent book! Could not stop listening ! The narrators were awesome!

  • Kara Fedie

    The audio kept my attention. I would recommend it and I would buy it again.

  • Lindsey Neff

    The beginning is a little slow and hard to keep up with, but don't let that stop you. The book ended up being fantastic and I could not stop listening to it.

  • Karla Hernandez

    Great book and amazing narrators! In the beginning it was a bit difficult to keep up with the characters, but you quickly got to know each character.

  • Suellen Williams

    Great narration .. Believable characters .. I listened to this in two days and kept me in suspense till near the end. Great story!

  • Deborah Kurth

    We listened to this on a long car trip, we couldn't wait to start it again everytime we made a stop.

  • Kerry Hemphill

    Great narration. The voices are perfect! Kept me wanting more.

  • Brenda McCracken

    Excellent story and well narrated from beginning to end.

  • Tamie Lizura

    I'm really into this book. The narration is compelling and full of emotion. Can't wait to see the movie.

  • Kerrianne Wilson

    Loved this book! Kept me guessing till the end. The only thing I didn't care for was 'Anna's' voice - she just sounded very drab and stuck up. I got used to it, but she definitely wouldn't have been my first choice of narrators for the character.

  • Brandi Boutwell

    This book was excellent! The story being told from the point of view of the 3 female characters while jumping back and forth in time lent an omniscience to the events without losing the suspense and mystery. Listened to the entire book in about 48 hours.

  • Sarah Swaim

    Good book! The narrators were fantastic! Kept my attention from the very beginning!

  • William Lemos

    The three readers who brought this story to life were awesome! That said, Paula Hawkins' sordid tale of murder and hatred had but one redeeming feature: it got us from Point A to Point B on a long road trip home. While the descriptions of daily life in the London suburbs may have had a semblance of reality, the plot was so thin it could have been Substituted for Seran Wrap . Half way through the this meaningless saga, both of us listeners nailed the culprit. Oh, there were insights into the alcoholic mind and some questions about who might have done it early on, but quite frankly, had we not been traveling and only had this audiotape on the iPhone, I doubt either one of us would have read to page three. Overall, we'd gave it one star. Sorry Ms. Hawkin's, your audience deserves better.

  • Leilani Maynard

    This is one of my favorite books I heard on this site. The story was so good. It grabbed my attention from the start. The narrators were wonderful. Very well done, a must listen!

  • Robin Steuernagel

    I listened to this book in 3 days. My first audio book and it didn't disappoint. Love the narrators.

  • Julia Oconnell

    I just couldn't stop listening such good narrator.

  • Liz Powell

    The voice actresses are AMAZING in this. Each one is so different and mesmerizing in their own way. love love love!

  • Lori THOMAS

    Amazing book!! I couldn't put it down!! Great read!! You won't be disappointed!

  • Dani Bell

    For my first audio book travelling to work it was a great pick. Loved it, loved getting into the car to hear what was next.

  • Connie LaTendresse

    At first I had a little difficulty following the dates and characters, but I looked at a copy of the book and it was clearer then. I loved the suspense of the story! The narration was excellent and I had no difficulty following the change in characters. A delightful read!

  • Farrah Adams

    Excellent book! Kept my interest with an unexpected ending. Would definitely recommend.

  • Kim Brogan

    Very repetitive with respect to several characters. We grasped the depth of Rachel's problem immediately, we didn't have to hear about it over and over and over. My husband and I thought the story was about one hour too long (out of 11+ hours.) Nonetheless, it was a good plot and ending and, despite the over-descriptive narrative, we enjoyed it. The narrator did a great job. However, both my husband and I looked at each other at the end and thought that these were three very stupid women who should have known better.

  • lisa glines

    This book held my interest very much. I couldn't wait to listen to it each day. The narrator was excellent. I did not predict the ending.

  • Amy Melheim

    Loved it! A gripping plot with a oddly likable main character. Really great :)

  • Amanda Persaud

    Great book, the twist at the end is a shock!! Good for listening on long road trips, you won't fall asleep!!

  • Sarah Kriner

    Quite depressing. Thought provoking, though. Would have liked some more insight from the author. Why *that* house? Was almost as if it, too, held a secret that it was able to keep.

  • Kimberly Jensen

    Well written and great narration, The characters were interesting and the plot kept you guessing.

  • Brittany Justus

    Very much enjoyed this one!! I couldn't put it down

  • Lisa Roling

    I guess if you like reading about adultery, murder, and about a person who has no life and needs to live hers through the lives of people she sees from a train, then this is the book for you. I wanted to scream at the main character to just get a life. I'm not really sure why this book if ranked so high. I did not enjoy it and wouldn't recommend it to others.

  • Kristina Horton

    Very entertaining and well written, also the narration was excellent. I even found I didn't 'like' any of the characters, but still couldn't stop listening..! Would definitely recommend.

  • Geoff Binney

    Fantastic read. Thought the narration was superb.

  • Jennifer Wade

    I loved this book. I figured it out but at the same time it kept me in suspense. Loved it.

  • Danielle Wallin

    Great book and great narration! I was riveted the entire way.

  • Tifannie Gipson

    Narration was AMAZING! Story line and character development was AMAZING!! Plot line and timeline weaving INGENIUS!!! Final outcome unexpected and perfect!

  • Jenna Gullickson

    The book was amazing! Well written, well thought out. Suspenseful and twisty without being overdoing it. I couldn't "put it down" or whatever phrase would be applicable for an audiobook. Wonderful story, I want to forget it and listen again! My only complaint is the narration. Rachel's voice is good, but Megan and Anna are sooooooo annoying. Megan's is way too dramatic/whiney, and Anna's is kind of trashy sounding. They announce their name before beginning narration and the way she says "Anna" makes my skin crawl. Anyway, I got over it pretty easily and was able to enjoy the story. I would definitely recommend this book. I have already!

  • Ashley Mitcham

    Loved it, have to read this one. The end is worth it all

  • Sarah Yancey

    The narrators did a great job of depicting the personalities of the characters. The book did a fantastic job of creating memorable characters, but the ending fell flat to me as it became increasingly obvious what it would be half way through the book. I enjoyed the journey even if the end wasn't as thrilling as I had hoped.

  • Lindsey Potter

    My favorite audiobook so far! Great narrating and kept me in suspense until the very end. I recommend it!

  • Cash Knight

    Omg! Great book ???????????? and voices were spot on. This was my first purchase and i am extremely satisfied.

  • Adeline Cox

    It was a slow moving novel, but I did enjoy listening to it.

  • Cora Dunfee Thompson

    I truly enjoyed this book. I had to keep reading! As a mom of young kids I don't read adult books often. Up until 2a finishing this!

  • Carolyn Chandler

    Great read on a rainy day. Loved the narration especially. Even the bookcover is clever, I could feel the movement of the train in the illustration.

  • Britney Briggs

    This was a great book! Kept me on my toes the entire way - a real "page turner" and the narration was excellent.

  • Tina Perez

    We're to begin? Truly enjoyed the book would highly recommend to fellow readers. Had a twist in the end that I did not see coming. The narrator did a very good job.

  • Tatum Hopkins

    Exciting story line the whole way through. Narration was perfect for each character.

  • sue levin

    A very good read. I enjoyed the characters and the way the author told the story.

  • daphne hendricks

    Nice character descriptions and full of suspense, fun to listen to.

  • Melissa Jones

    First audio book, great listen! Kept me engaged and made my commutes much better

  • R J

    Dragged along for at least the first 5 hrs then after that was great .

  • Alycyn Keeling

    The book is slow throughout the majority of the read, but really picks up at the end.

  • Shandi Gage

    I really enjoyed this book. The suspense kept me interested and couldn't stop listening

  • Martha Stephens

    I thought this was a fun book although I solved the mystery long before it was revealed. Looking forward to the film adaptation.

  • shawn knight

    The Girl on the Train was my first audiobook. I truly enjoyed listening to the readers and the suspense was pure enjoyment!

  • Laura Murray

    I love AudioBooks! The book I read was The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was suspenseful and unpredictable. I was sad when it was over!

  • Hanifa Barnes

    Simple mystery plot, but story structure made it a very exciting read.

  • Domonique Dendy

    This was a really good book!. Very suspenseful. Although suspense is not my genre, I enjoyed this book. The narrator was amazing as well. All of the characters felt different.

  • Amanda Powell

    This book was great! My husband and I listened to it on a long road trip. It kept us entertained and guessing right to the very end.

  • Lynda Nadolny

    Exciting and entertaining. Perfect "read" for a road trip.

  • Dr Barbara Bryan

    Mystery is revealed in a most realistic manner. I could not guess the ending; this is a great choice for those who love a well woven story.

  • Robert Hogan

    I really enjoyed my ride with THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. I really had no idea where we were going; but, found a wonderful and mighty interesting story.

  • Arnold Orgolini

    Really enjoyed the book. A wonderful thriller with lots of substance.

  • Candace Papineau

    I enjoyed this book and thought it was pretty entertaining. I didn't think it was a book that was super suspenseful but entertaining nonetheless.

  • Shannan Starling

    Narrator was great, I didn't like the book. Every women had issues, and every man in the book was weak.......Strange.

  • karon Kelly

    This book was very entertaining. I listen to books & it was a "sit in the garage after driving home" kind of book.

  • Tanja Onneweer

    Loved both the book and the narrators. Perfect match. The book sucked me in from the beginning and it was hard to put it down. I want more from this writer!

  • Alesha Oster

    I loved this book, as well as the Narrator. Was very engaging, the voices were very much realistic. Great read.

  • Rachael Abude

    I LOVED this book! I think it would have been great reading a hard copy, but for me part of what made it such an engaging read were the narrators. They each had such distinctive voices that made me connect with them more, and kept me riveted for the entire telling of the story. I originally downloaded it for something to listen to in the gym, but I found myself turning on my bluetooth in the car just so I could keep listening to it every free second I had. Engaging, and riveting read!

  • Lindsey Deering

    It was very interesting with all the twists. We listened to it on a road trip and it kept us engaged the entire time.

  • tasha mcquay

    This is my first time hearing a book instead of reading it. The narrators in my opinion were great!! The book was really well written. Just when you thought you figured it out, you are thrown for a loop. Definitely would reccomend.

  • Katie Foushee

    Amazing story with a great twist! Loves the narrators as well.

  • Angelica Lopez

    The book takes a while to let the interesting things to begin throughout the story. But overall its a great book if you're into a mystery, thrill kinda thing with a bit of drama in it. The narration makes it much more interesting since each of the three main characters are being played by a different person so nothing gets confusing.

  • Deby Buchness

    This book is what got me hooked to Audiobooks! I would listen to it while exercising, walking to work, in the car - I was addicted! The various narrators was an excellent decision and kept the characters clear. I must admit, it was a tiny bit slow at the beginning but push through! So worthwhile. Plus, they are making a movie of it! Listen to it before it's available to watch!

  • Melissa Grosboll

    Took me a little time to get into the book, but once I did, I was totally hooked. Excellent storytelling for a debut novel and am looking forward to more from Paula Hawkins.

  • Umang Gopani

    The best part about the book is that, there are characters describing everything. so there is constantly some character speaking and not just the author explaining the scene. loved the book and was addicted. Best narration.

  • Albert Gerber

    This book was not what I am use to. The story was interesting enough. Once I got into it I enjoyed it. Shifted from one character to another with time and date, instead of by chapter which I am used to took getting use to. I often take a break from stories at chapters end. I'm an hour away from the books end.

  • Samantha Bryde

    This was my first audiobook and I enjoyed the book. The book did start out slow but progessed well. The characters were frustrating which I liked as it made me feel more connected to them. I would have liked more answers at the end and more of a sense on how/where the chracters were going on after. Over all I would suggest this book to others.

  • karen evans

    It is a soothing listen...I enjoyed the twists and turns...

  • maurice chuang

    This was my first audiobook and I throughly enjoyed it.

  • Marcie Baker

    This book was highly recommended by a friend who is an avid reader. I wasn't disappointed. At times it was frustrating because I wanted to shake Rachel!! The narration was also very pleasing.

  • Matthew Macon

    What a crappy book! It's not Worth reading trust me. It's like a depressing memoir of a drunk who can't stop screwing up everyone else's life. I'm so angry I wasted $15 on this book that I'm thinking about canceling my subscription to this audio site altogether.

  • Donna thrasher

    The storyline was compelling The characters were well defined but frustrating. I can't put my finger on my irritation with it, however.

  • Sicily Bruner

    Fantastic!! I could not stop listening. Such a thrilling story! This was also my very first audiobook and I am hooked! :)

  • Kimberly Newcomb

    Great book- one of the best I've read in a long time!

  • Nadia Price

    Well written book and great Narrators. Great twist! I never guessed. It was a little slow in the beginning but toward the middle, I couldn't put it down.

  • Claudia Buckingham

    Great book. My husband and I listened to the book on a lengthy road trip. We both enjoyed it.

  • Adam Shier

    Great book. Love the narration. Kept me interested during my hour-long commute.

  • bonnie Mansfield

    I enjoyed this well written book. The ending surprised me. It was gripping and a bit dark but I didn't want to stop listening. Brealey did an excellent job.

  • Mary Carpenter

    AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am not sure when the good reviews come from but certainly not real people.Did not even continue to listen,wasted my money.

  • Jackie McCool

    a bit slow to get moving, but built to an exciting story. Good narration with good variety in voice. This was my first download and I really enjoyed the experience!

  • Laura Martinez

    This was my first audio book and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Loved the narrators and all the twists.

  • Janeen Lepore

    I really enjoyed this book. It got off to a slow start in my opinion but once the story started snowballing I couldn't stop listening... def got caught a few times sitting in the car in the driveway after work because I couldn't stop the story.

  • Maria Loomis

    I found the main character quite weak and annoying. Overall, the book is very predicable. The only saving grace is that the narrators were okay...and somehow made the characters a *little less annoying. It's interesting to me that this book is a top-seller. It's definitely not an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery.

  • North Grueskin

    Enjoyed this book. Read it for my book club. Looking forward to discussing it!

  • Dewayne Dikes

    Very good book. Hard to get into but once it grabs your attention you will enjoy. Keeps you guessing.

  • Karrie Plaskett

    This was a great story. Twists and turns all over the place. Loved the narrative

  • Rosemarie Hoffmann

    Good pacing and well-defined characters make this a compelling listen.

  • Kristina Misic

    Found this book difficult in the beginning, but it had enough twists and excellent narrators that I stayed with it and enjoyed it. I did not find the ending predictable at all and the twists and character development were first rate. The story is not a happy one, so I gave it 4 stars for that reason. I prefer a little more light-heartedness in my books, but I still recommend it.

  • Jill Yvonne

    Well written, balanced, in all the right ways, a real treat. Narration was wonderful. I found it a perfect listen for long commutes and difficult to stop until I had finished the book!

  • cynthia register

    Loved this book from the start. The narration was wonderful! Not like some others I've heard which were completely annoying. Couldn't stop listening. Now I'm looking for another book, that will grip me like this one.

  • Janie Mosca

    This is a well written and very well narrated suspense novel. This is my first download from, and I've already downloaded another one. Love this app--is now my audiobook source of choice!

  • Nancy Dobosiewicz

    Excellent. Lots of twists. Kept me guessing right up to the end.

  • Shaun Enders

    Excellent book and loved the narration! This was my first audio book and I am hooked!

  • Devontay Joiner

    I had to power through the this book due to it being completely depressing and frustrating. The characters are stupid, weak, and pathetic. The ending was predictable and welcomed. At the end, I just wanted everyone to die. I have no idea how this book got such high ratings. I'm completely disappointed. The narrators did a great job though!

  • Caroline Pardikes

    The narrator did a wonderful job!! The end especially drew me in. A very intriguing story....

  • Kennedy Smith

    I'm so glad I finally buckled down and gave this book a chance. It was the perfect psychological thriller! Definitely didn't see the ending coming and it was great.

  • Amanda Krzywonski

    I won't lie - the beginning hour of the book bored me somewhat. However, the story line kept me wondering more and more. So I kept listening and found myself lost in the story. Stayed up late just to finish the audiobook, and the two nights that I didn't stay up, I could hardly sleep!!! Wonderful narrators and the story line keeps you grinding your teeth, trying to guess who the killer is. It's like a puzzle! I love this book.

  • Amy Ikner

    loved it could not stop listening. I loved having the different narrators. A must read/listen.

  • briana cooke

    Loved this.... Couldn't stop listening! Now I feel empty! What to do next?!

  • Stephanie Hiljus

    Loved this book, I lucked out this being my very first audio book! I was intrigued from the opening paragraph! Keeps you guessing the whole time!

  • Cynthia Whitehouse

    Could not turn it off!! Gripping until the end. The narrators were awesom!

  • Jessica Hall

    Loved it!! Had me hooked and couldn't stop listening!

  • Debra Kempi

    Loved it. The story was very interesting , the narrator made the audio book so enjoyable.

  • Betti Zucker

    interesting book/storyhis was definitely a "psychological" thriller as described, seeing as every single character had their own issues and you could see how their experiences affected their crazy actions. I found myself shaking my head at the main character on several occasions as if to ask her, "Really girl? Are you sure you want to do that?? Come on now... Don't be stupid." It was a bit of a slow start, some pages seemed to go on and on about nothing really, except how drunk the character was. At least it made me feel good about myself, like, " Wow... Thankfully I have never hit that bad of rock bottom before." The last 1/4 of the book was definitely the best part, and when the plot twist unfolded, it all made sense. It wasn't as big of a surprise as I was expecting though.

  • Eric Nyman

    This book is the perfect example of a murder mystery thriller. A relatable alcoholic rides a train and turns out to be a Nancy Drew type character. Very easy read and very enjoyable to anyone who enjoys trying to solve the crime and read the clues. Different narrators and perspectives also make it quite enjoyable.

  • Patricia Arballo

    One of the best books I've read in a while! I was hooked!!!

  • Monica Arce

    This was definitely a "psychological" thriller as described, seeing as every single character had their own issues and you could see how their experiences affected their crazy actions. I found myself shaking my head at the main character on several occasions as if to ask her, "Really girl? Are you sure you want to do that?? Come on now... Don't be stupid." It was a bit of a slow start, some pages seemed to go on and on about nothing really, except how drunk the character was. At least it made me feel good about myself, like, " Wow... Thankfully I have never hit that bad of rock bottom before." The last 1/4 of the book was definitely the best part, and when the plot twist unfolded, it all made sense. It wasn't as big of a surprise as I was expecting though.

  • Patricia Lamont

    Slow to start, but becomes very engrossing as the story continues. Very well written. Readers were good.

  • Whitney Jackson

    I wasn't impressed with the story. I don't know if it was written before or after gone girl but the "twists" didn't excite me like they did in Gone Girl. I pretty much had the big picture of the plot figured out and I wanted to to just end but then when it did just end, I wasn't thrilled with how the ending felt flat. It's like all the creativity was used up by the time it came to "wrap it up". I think it would have been better to read this book then to listen to it. I was a little confused at first because I couldn't keep up to which character was talking until I finally started to recognize the narrators voices. I just gave up trying to figure out the timeline . The narrators were excellent although sometimes difficult to hear their words when they were talking in a lower voice or whispering . It seemed muffled at those points. It also seemed a little sad and depressing the entire time but that's because I let books effect my mood.

  • Jane Russell

    I have been having difficulty sitting down to read a book for the last year and a half and I love to read. I found audiobooks and began listening to "The Girl on the Train". I became captured immediately by the book. The storyline sucks the reader in immediately. You see I have tinnitus quite badly which is a ringing in my ears. I become distracted quite easily. The book itself kept my attention as well as the app! Having someone read to me without a monotonous voice was great. I have payed this book forward to others by recommendation! No wonder it is on the best seller list! Now for my next read! I believe my journey into reading all types of literature will continue!

  • Meredith Dalton

    can't stop listening...thrilling & intriguing. exceptional story line leaves you wanting to hear more with every switch of character.

  • april mohr

    This was my first audio book. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't crazy about the voice of Anna however I got used it and it played out perfectly. Constant turns and a surprise ending.

  • Kelly Caplenas

    Great book – straightforward until the end which was worth waiting for. Awesome job on the reading.

  • Beth Young

    Good read, interesting twists of plot with flawed characters who remind us that we can never totally know another.

  • Nelly Navarro-Britt

    This book is similar to Gone Girl. It's a thriller with lots of twists. I did not figure out the ending. It was a fun read that kept me interested. Narrator was amazing!

  • Mark Weidman

    loved it kept me interested from being to the very end

  • Marney Lukanc

    Great story! I liked the three different voices for the three main characters. I loved the way it moved, evolved. Nice twist!

  • melissa bergman

    I found it very difficult and unexciting to get through 3/4s of the book. The last 1/4 was better. I would probably not have chosen to read this book, it was assigned through my book club. The narration however was one of the best. It definitely helped get me through the book.

  • Jake Davis

    Very interesting book and story even though the characters get a little annoying, it kept me intrigued for an 11 hour drive. narrators made the book very interesting, don't think I could read the book. book was better being read to me.

  • Michele Ruiz

    Main character will drive you nuts but it all makes sense in the end. Love the twists and the fact that I didn't have the bad guy figured out half way through.

  • Laura Atkins

    Needs to be made into a movie!!!!!! I didn't read it in one day but I was excited to hear what happened next. Well written and beautifully read.

  • joseph warren

    Fantastic story that kept me hooked till the end. Narration was excellent, only Anna's voice bugged a little. Definitely worth a listen!

  • Rachael Henry

    This was one of the most tedious books I've ever listened to. Admittedly, given the central character's issues, tedium and self-absorbancy should be expected, but I almost didn't finish the story. Glad i did though, because the finale was well done.

  • Susan Remaly

    Immediately drawn in to these characters lives! Interesting and suspenseful.

  • Dori Augustine

    Great mystery story. And great narrator. Got a little cranky with the main character and her poking her nose in everyone's business but it made for a great story.

  • Val Erdmann

    Enjoyed this mystery. Great narration! Lots of twists and turns in this who done it.

  • Natalie Magleby

    This book was well read and kept me interested but the main character made me crazy!

  • Cathy Manhey

    Great book to listen to vs reading. Loved the authors use of first person for each of the characters perspective. Keeps you guessing to the end on who dunit! Highly recommend.

  • Jean Eckhart

    App is easy to use and there is excellent choice of books to read.

  • Barbara McIntyre

    I bet this is the best book I read this year. And I really liked that it was written in first person.

  • Jeannie Luna

    Enjoyed very much. Nice easy flow with narration.

  • Stephanie Korger

    I didn't ever want to stop listening...I didn't want the book to end. It was easy to follow without being dull and the story line was fantastic. One of the best audiobooks I've come across.

  • Christine McDaniel

    Love the plot, the troubled main character and the twists and turns. excellent narration!

  • Aaron Wendte

    This was a decent book, but a little slow. If you're looking for a non-stopped action book, this probably isn't for you. The narration is very good, and the storyline did have me hooked by the end, but there is a lot of set up. The character development, as some other listeners pointed out, is excellent. Your feelings toward the protagonist(s) ebb and flow as the plot develops. Worth a listen.


    I was done with this in a day it's that good! The only thing that I wasn't crazy about was the narrator for Anna had a somewhat dull voice.

  • leila gounaris

    Great book to listen to. Easy to follow, great narration and holds your attention beginning to end.

  • Carol Jannetta

    I really enjoyed the book it kept my interest air the way through .

  • Julie Ciaccia

    My emotions changed for the most of the characters characters from beginning to end. I can't explain how without giving too much away.

  • Anne Schulte

    Really good "read" and very well narrated! "Read" it in one day!! I couldn't put it down!!

  • Elena Kokhanovski

    Great! Twists and turns everywhere. The different narrations were excellent.

  • Toni Horton

    I really enjoyed the book and the narration. It's a great mystery.

  • shelley buttler

    This book was awesome! It was narrated very well and was just fantastic! I'm telling all my friends to get this book!

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