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The Girl on the Train

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2015
11 hours 4 minutes
Brought to you by Penguin.

Winner of the 2016 Audie Award for Audiobook of the Year.

Includes an exclusive extract from Paula Hawkins' scorching new thriller A Slow Fire Burning, read by Rosamund Pike.

Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking a row of back gardens. She's even started to feel like she knows the people who live in one of the houses. 'Jess and Jason', she calls them. Their life - as she sees it - is perfect. If only Rachel could be that happy.

And then she sees something shocking. It's only a minute until the train moves on, but it's enough.

Now everything's changed. Now Rachel has a chance to become a part of the lives she's only watched from afar.

Now they'll see; she's much more than just the girl on the train...

'Gripping, enthralling - a top-notch thriller and a compulsive read.' SJ Watson, bestselling author of BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP

©2015 Paula Hawkins (P)2015 Penguin Audio
Profile Avatar
Claire W.

excellent. loved this book, really enjoyable.

Profile Avatar
Pam B

Loved this!! From start to finish the story had me! I am a terrible reader and so I am loving audio books. I can wiz through a book in no time. Brilliant story with some great twists and turns.

Profile Avatar
Justine Hendry

Couldn't stop listening. Great book and narrators.

Profile Avatar
Laurie A.

One of the best read and written audiobooks around

Profile Avatar
Donna K

I really loved this book. I started it when I was getting a tattoo and it really distracted me from the pain. I found the narration soothing. Definitely recommend.

Profile Avatar
Sarah P

Loved it, could not put this book down. Wonderfully written.

Profile Avatar
Valério C

Really nice story, and excellent narration!

Profile Avatar
Heather B

I have really enjoyed this book. The narration was easy to listen to.

Profile Avatar

Brilliant. Could not wait to hear what happened next.

Profile Avatar
L L.

I loved this book. I felt that I was in the head of the characters. Could not stop listening. I am so sad I have finished the book!

Profile Avatar
Natasha K.

I really liked this book. it was well written and was an interesting story. I liked how each character had their stories told . And how relevant they were to each other.

Profile Avatar
Patryk K

Interesting sorry, but narrators destroy all the fun...

Profile Avatar
Lana G

Struggled to get into the book. But eventually the pace increased enough for me to listen till the end.

Profile Avatar
Alexis E

This was quite a slow paced book and one of the narrators sounded like the voiceover lady from Masterchef, but it was fairly enjoyable. I wasn't that bowled over by the plot but the writing was clever and insightful.

Profile Avatar
Janet T

I really enjoyed the mystery!

Profile Avatar
jodi k

I found this book slow , the story line was good , but just dragged out.

Profile Avatar
Nicola C

Loved it! I'm such a slow reader and knew I'd never read it so decided to listen to it and finished it in 2 days I was so hooked!

Profile Avatar
Helen Coglan

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery thriller. Sometimes I fell asleep (only because it was at the end of a long day). I would wake, flick back a chapter or two and try to work out where I was up to. I would have liked to more easily see the name of the narrator (when the topic and narrator changed). This would have enabled me to find my place a little more easily! I didn't want to sleep; I just wanted to know what was going to happen next!.

Profile Avatar
Barbara Kisting

It was enjoyable just listening to something than reading for a change.

Profile Avatar
Hayat Askar

What an amazing book that you could not feel the time when reading it. It makes you feel everyone is a murderer, until you are surprised about who the real murderers are. I feel like I am on the train with Rachel. I felt sorry for Megan, loved Rachel and ultimately loved Anna. Such a one-of-the kind story. First experience with audiobooks, and not the last i think.

Profile Avatar
Elizabeth van Wyk

The narration was done well, but I found too many repetitions in the story.

Profile Avatar
Vicky Bolding

Really enjoyed. Easy to listen to and follow. Narrated at a nice easy to listen to pace.

Profile Avatar
Rachel Oliver

I did enjoy it and could feel the characters just not great but good.

Profile Avatar
john ballesteros

Although I like the twist at the end, the story progressed too slow for me (I kept waiting for something to happen). Narration was alright.

Profile Avatar
Carmen Ward

Kept me guessing. A good story and very well read.

Profile Avatar
Caroline Murray

Fairly good story but I found it a bit slow going. Good insight into alcoholism Narrator did a good job.

Profile Avatar
Anna Merenkova

Liked the narrating. Guessed the ending quite early but enjoyed listening to it still to the very end.

Profile Avatar
Melissa Hislop

This book keeps you guessing.

Profile Avatar
Flavia Mendes

Good story. Lots of drama, mystery and twists. Worth the read/ listen!

Profile Avatar
Cornelia Van der Bank

The narrators were brilliant! And the book was well written.

Profile Avatar
Catalina Gamble

Great read! Kept me wondering all the time, didn't want it to end. Loved it!

Profile Avatar
Amy Winton

Loved it! Such a great story, didn't want to stop listening, leaves you guessing until the end.

Profile Avatar
Phillipa Fraser

Excellent, exciting and thought provoking book . Narration make it clearer with more impact. Thank you audiobooks for getting it right.

Profile Avatar
Amanda Heeazo

Awesome book! It keeps me focused as I drive 14 hours. Good twists!

Profile Avatar
Grant Cooper Sims

the voices were what did it for me ... story was ok ... but could listen to them voices all day :-)

Profile Avatar
Greshim Kesari

An excellent Read. The narrators make an excellent book even better.

Profile Avatar
Kim Healy

This was a little slow to begin with. It did improve and was particularly captivating in the final third. This was my first audio book and I found the narration quite annoying.

Profile Avatar
Sophie Ransom

Really great narration, having multiple female voices really helped the story line, otherwise it would have been a bit confusing. I don't think I'll bother seeing the movie as I don't think they'll do it justice.

Profile Avatar
Jay Z

The narrators were brilliant! And the book was well written. This was my first audiobook and I truly enjoyed it. Good job!

Profile Avatar
Samantha Dunn Ladegourdie

So good! Very well written. Great story line

Profile Avatar
Marinda Palmer

Brilliant story!

Profile Avatar
Jess Mitchell


Profile Avatar
Maia Silverthorne

Great book. Really enjoyed it! Narration very good also.

Profile Avatar
Ian Ritchi

First audio book and will definitely be listening to more. Riveting narrative and a great story.

Profile Avatar
Kim Fredrik T. Rognerudengen

Awsome!!! So thrilling. My favorite audiobook so far. Recommended this for friends. And the narrators are incredibly talented!

Profile Avatar
Jane Butler

I really enjoyed the story. Very easy to listen to and well narrated.

Profile Avatar
Terry Chirgwin

I could not stop listening. The narrators were brilliant!

Profile Avatar
Estelle Philp

Excellent. Riveting. Anna's narrator didn't suit her character.

Profile Avatar
Naomi Greaves

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and my first audio-book experience. A gripping story which was narrated beautifully.

Profile Avatar
Raju George

Enjoyed the book. Couldn't stop listening to it. First audio book and now I'm hooked to audio books

Profile Avatar
sean kelly

I had been looking at the book in shops for awhile and finally decided to give it a go, and was NOT disappointed. It was a worrying description of how easy it would be to play with peoples emotions and an insight into how scared people can be after a break up. Has made me start to look at drinking in a different way. Great read.

Profile Avatar
Rebecca Thomas

Went a bit slow in the begining but by the middle of the book its full of suspense . Two out of the three narrators were good but the third was very boring, and annoying. Sounded like a robot with a British accent.

Profile Avatar
Sarah Laverick

Loved it disappointed It has ended! Yet I raced to get to the end.

Profile Avatar
Sharron Colton

Excellent First attempt at Audio books Gripping and unrelenting

Profile Avatar
Leeanne O\'Connor

WOW! a great drama! Very enjoyable. I listened to half an hour each night - really intriguing.

Profile Avatar
Mirjana Glavonjic

Really enjoyed it. It starts as a relaxing read, but turns into difficult life story.

Profile Avatar
Barbara Simpson

This was the first audio book I have listened to and I really enjoyed it.

Profile Avatar
Susan Brown

Book was enjoyable. Narration good, although the count duckula impression got a bit much at times! Other then that, really good.

Profile Avatar
Caronwen Gourlay

This book was about an 8/10. Narration was really good but the story went on too long for my liking and the end was predictable from quite early on. The main character I found very likable. Good just not great.

Profile Avatar
Sophie Colvine

Great thriller we enjoyed listening to on a long drive.

Profile Avatar
Gary Bowman

Didn't get the hype this book has received. An OK suspense read although rather slow at times. Struggled to warm to any of the characters which made listening a bit of a drag.

Profile Avatar
Kylie Lauster

Great book and narration was fantastic / engaging.

Profile Avatar
Gideon Van Zyl

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I normally just listen to audiobooks on my way to and from work, but this one gripped me so that I stayed up until late night listening - 'just one more chapter!'. I thought it was very well written from the different perspectives and this was expertly captured by the different narrators. I'll definitely recommend this one!

Profile Avatar
Michael Jones

Great suspenseful thriller, great story, great perspective, well written with excellent acting/narrating. Recommended reading this

Profile Avatar
Sif Bodvarsdottir

Good book overall. A bit slow at times.

Profile Avatar
Helena Kim

First book on Compelling plot and sympathetic characters. The narrator is excellent. Listening to it while on stationary bike and it's helping me stay on longer. Unrelated to the book: chapters can be easier to navigate or to plan listening time if each chapter had its own time tracker instead of cumulative/scaled time track.

Profile Avatar
Jocelyn Baldwin

Very easy listening, good suspence, couldnt stop listening. This was my first book.

Profile Avatar
Emma Pocock

Enthralling, great to listen to during the commute. My first audio book and what a choice.

Profile Avatar
Harjeet Singh

very absorbing. a good suspense. . But. some times slow moving.

Profile Avatar
Alison Casey

Fantastic first audiobook..gripping!!! Loved it !!!

Profile Avatar
Shalese Hertzke

Gripping story. Great use of emotions and perceptons to create a twisting plot.

Profile Avatar
Jaynie Court

Loved every bit of it! Easy to follow and hard to stop listening gripping stuff!

Profile Avatar
Brett Rogers

Very engaging story. This was my first audiobook and I am a complete convert to the format. The narration was excellent and was the reason I got through the book so quickly.

Profile Avatar
Paula Balchin

Very descriptive story & very well read. Really felt like I knew the characters & was on their emotional roller coaster throughout the story.

Profile Avatar
Gemma Black

The Girl on the Train was an excellent book, the proverbial page turner. The narration was superb and I couldn't wait to continue listening at every turn. I even did more exercise just to finish listening to the book. Great job all 'round.

Profile Avatar
clare palmer

It was great while I was walking. Very thrilling.

Profile Avatar
Emma Louttit

Great book. Couldn't stop listening to it. Would highly recommend this.

Profile Avatar
Penny Hare

omg what a story kept me enthralled till the end. After a slow and sad start it unfolded into a wonderfully gripping tale.

Profile Avatar
Monique Bachtis

Very well written book great twist at the end and kept me interested the whole way through. A must read to all suspense lovers.

Profile Avatar
Ed Napiorkowski

Chose this particular story as it was listed as one of the best audiobooks for 2015. Quite honestly I found snippets of it to be very tough to wade through and other sections brilliantly enthralling. The story is told in the first person by the main characters of the book, flipping forward and backward in time and ultimately drawing all their threads to a conclusion in the end. The majority is told from the perspective of the girl on the train and you get to know here and all her problems very well. I think the concept of the story (the girl on the train who sees something) is terrific, however I eventually found the back and forth approach between the characters telling the story a but tedious and at times rather frustrating. The characters are very different from each other and on the positive side the way their lives overlap as the story unfolds is the brilliant part. No spoilers from me but in my view the "who done it?" is not who you expect. Glad to get to the end and rate it as three stars.

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