Written By: Lois Lowry

Narrated By: Ron Rifkin

Date: July 2000

Duration: 4 hours 48 minutes


Lois Lowry’s The Giver is the quintessential dystopian novel, followed by its remarkable companions, Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.

Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear of pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the community. When Jonas turns 12 he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now, it is time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back.


  • Gyla Marr

    I love the way the first half of the best book I've ever seen in the world and the best book ever written by someone who is lois lowery

    7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

  • Kyle A

    Great book. Entertaining game and the best friend of the time has come out of my life as I have came

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Magnificent book. A must read for everyone. What a thought provoking story. I will definitely read the sequel.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Heidi H.

    Great book, worth listening to. Well done and the author did a wonderful job.

  • Rebecca C.

    This was an easy to listen to book and a Good fantasy but a little hazy and not very exciting at times although made me think about state of affairs. The 12 Yr old boy sounded younger and too young to be a receiver

  • Victoria F.

    Very good... Need to see what happens next now...

  • Anonymous

    Great book for my students but I disliked the audio. The main character Jonas is very mature for his age but his voice is made out to be very babyish and irksome. There is also music that accompanies the narration at times and I find it to be distracting.

  • Elaine

    I found the thought process challenging.

  • Anonymous

    Great book, reminds one to think about things that we are starting to blandly accept as normal and ok but which have serious consequences on our futures. I liked the music highlighting elements of the story, it was used effectively. Cliff hanger ending was effective, though unsatisfying... yes I too will be reading the sequel.

  • Patrick O.

    Wonderful book and a great reading. Could have done without the music, but this was a great experience!

  • Aiden M.

    I honestly loved this book this is my first book ever to read and love

  • Tannia C.

    I really liked the book they way they tell the story. But the end, not too sure about the end. I wished it was a bit different.

  • Kathryn D

    Love it!!

  • William Truesdale

    Good book wish it would be shorter but what can you do.

  • Joshua Palmer

    Didn't like the ending. The rest was good though. Really cool idea.

  • Leslie Boyle

    Amazing book. Can't wait to read more by this author!

  • Stephanie Ashworth

    I really did like this book it is one of the best books that I have ever read

  • Megan Rabbaa


  • Vilia Somershaf

    Great book read it all u will love it also watch the movie after u read the book

  • Bandar Alhgamdi

    It's a wonderful book, read it then watch the movie..!

  • Aliah King

    This is a good book read the book before you watch the movie


by Lois Lowry

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Giver, Lois Lowry
Giver, Lois Lowry
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Giver, Lois Lowry
This title is due for release on July 5, 2000
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Giver, Lois Lowry
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Giver, Lois Lowry

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