Go Put Your Strengths to Work

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Marcus Buckingham

Narrated By: Marcus Buckingham

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: March 2007

Duration: 6 hours 39 minutes


"Companies routinely claim that ""Our People Are Our Greatest Asset,"" but research data shows that in practice most people do not actually use their assets much at work. Go Put Your Strengths to Work aims to change that. When employees learn how to truly apply their greatest strengths at work, they turbo-charge their career potential and everybody wins. Companies find that their employees are more productive, their teams are more effective, their organization is more innovative and, accordingly, their customers are more engaged.

Go Put Your Strengths to Work will kick-start the Strengths revolution that was started in Buckingham's earlier titles. First, Break All the Rules proved the link between engaged employees and more profitable bottom lines and highlighted great managers as the catalyst. Now, Discover Your Strengths explained how to sort through listeners' patterns of wishes, abilities, thoughts and feelings and, with the help of a web-based profile, identify their five most dominant talents. Finally Put Your Strengths to Work shows listeners how to take the crucial next step. It shows them how to seize control of their time at work and, in the face of a world that doesn't much care whether they are playing to their strengths, how to rewrite their job descriptions under the nose of their bosses. Listeners will learn:

--Why strengths aren't ""what you are good at,"" and why weaknesses aren't ""what you are bad at.""
--Why they, their boss, HR department, or performance appraisal, are the true authority on your strengths and weaknesses.
--How to identify in detail strengths using the four telltale signs of a strength. The simple steps that can be taken each week to skew time at work toward those activities that strengthen.
--How to cut out those that don't.
--How to talk to bosses and colleagues about their strengths without sounding like bragging (and about weaknesses without whining.) The fifteen minute weekly ritual that will keep listeners on their strengths path for their entire career.

Go Put Your Strengths to Work takes listeners through a six-step, or six-week, experience, and by the end of the program they will have learned these elusive skills. Each chapter will correspond to one step, or one week, of practical learning and discovery, including not only accounts of people who have successfully applied the lessons of the chapter but also structured activities and web-enabled tools that allow these lessons to be put into practice immediately. These are not a bunch of artificial exercises, separate from the reality of work, but rather become part of regular weekly activities. They are designed to arm listeners with a slightly different filter through which to see their week at work. Guided by this new perspective, listeners will learn how to create a different balance at work, one that redirects their time and effort toward those activities that strengthen and away from those that don't.

Go Put Your Strengths to Work will tell companies, managers and listeners, how to put strengths to work so that everybody profits. "

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