Goddess of the Universe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
4 hours 53 minutes
Elara's very fate is on the line when the dark god sends evil fae creatures after her mates.

Amara believes she knows of an object that may help them win against the dark God and his minions. The only problem? It's on a highly protected continent full of humans. But, is it their only hope?

Elara is willing to risk everything to save her people, including her own life. But, to save her life, her mates are willing to destroy themselves. With the final battle on the horizon and countless lives at stake, what will it take for Anderelle to succeed? To win?

At the return of old enemies and new, unexpected allies make an appearance. Everyone is waiting for the finale, where the ultimate battle of wills between good and evil will be waged.

The end is near. Elara and Amara must face the final test of love, loyalty, and cosmic balance if they have any hope of protecting the universe.

Contains mature themes.
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