The Goddess's Scythe: The Complete Series: Books 1-3

The Goddess's Scythe: The Complete Series: Books 1-3

Written by:
Colin Lindsay
Narrated by:
Skye Alley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
29 hours 30 minutes
The Goddess's Scythe trilogy is a kinetic and emotional series.

Raven's Wings

Kala always wanted more than her quiet life could offer, until one day Skye appeared and gave her hope that maybe she could.  Then, just as suddenly, he was gone, and she was thrust into a brutal and unforgiving world.  Could she carve out a life in which she could be truly happy once her destiny was revealed… to become a weapon like none other?

Death's Angel

Kala and Skye are reunited  but the advancing army tightens the noose around them.  Kala and her friends are woefully outnumbered by a cruel and ruthless force.   Will the Priestess’s prediction come true… they love you enough to die for you?

Queen's Sacrifice

Sworn enemies advance and new threats are revealed.  Alliances and friendships are tested.  What type of world will emerge from the ashes, and will Kala and her friends live to see it?
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