Written By: Gillian Flynn

Narrated By: Kirby Heyborne, Julia Whelan

Date: June 2012

Duration: 19 hours 57 minutes


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The “mercilessly entertaining” (Vanity Fair) instant classic “about the nature of identity and the terrible secrets that can survive and thrive in even the most intimate relationships” (Lev Grossman, Time)—now featuring never-before-published deleted scenes

NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Janet Maslin, The New York Times • People • Entertainment Weekly • O: The Oprah Magazine • Slate • Kansas City Star • USA Today • Christian Science Monitor

On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy's diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media—as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents—the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter—but is he really a killer? 

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY San Francisco Chronicle • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • The Chicago Tribune • HuffPost • Newsday


  • M K

    This is my favourite book of the year by a landslide. Flynn makes you dance between loving and hating her characters, but you always admire them. Fast-paced, compelling, filled with twists and never boring. Great narration, too.

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  • stacie sexton

    This book was twisted. Extremely twisted and enjoyable. The turns will keep you guessing. The last 25 minutes of the book gave me anxiety. I just could not figure out how it was going to work itself out. Very good read. I loved the narration. Both the male and female parts were well done. Narrators can really make or break an audio book and these two did an excellent job.

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  • Anonymous

    Great narration and story. Enjoyed every minute and recommend to other thriller/mystery fans.

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  • Jason H.

    Wow I really like this book a little slow at first then at end you can’t stop thinking what going to happen next

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  • Yalmadani

    I really enjoyed the storyline, however in my opinion the use of profanity was unnecessary, I couldn’t finish the book.

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  • Stephanie W.

    I watched the movie several years ago and liked it. I always wanted to read the book. I love reading a book and then watching the movie or vise versa. Boy am I glad that I watched the movie first. Had I read the book and then watched the movie, I would have been extremely disappointed! As always, the book is so much better! The characters are so much more developed and the story is so much more twisted. Excellent read!

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  • Florentina G.

    This is one of my favorite books. Way better than the movie (of course)... I did not really liked the male narrator, but it did not make much difference because the book is absolutely fabulous.

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  • Judy L.

    Fantastic book, wonderful narration.

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  • Anonymous

    The story line between the antagonist, and the protagonist's, maybe several of them; it's quite a clever continuous twisting, unimaginable deceptive jaw dropping, dangerous reception of belief. It's so amazing however, the language usage is quite unabridged as stated, at any rate I rate this book at 100% pleasurable knowledge that isn't quite inevitable but, revealing sensuality, of naughtiness and incredible affluent. thank you,JpJ

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  • Pamela J.

    Oh yeah! I almost hated to see this one come to an end. Kept me interested from start to finish!

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  • Kimyan G.

    I was really disappointed by this book. I was annoyed by both main characters and struggled to not quit on the book halfway through.

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  • Tiffany A.

    Loved it! Every bit of it!

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  • Lou G.

    Good read...good narration. Abrupt ending. Wasn't expecting that. No wonder they made a movie out of it.

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  • Diane R.

    What an amazing story. I do recommend this book. I watched the movie after listening to the book. The book is better.

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  • Jennifer R

    Very interesting read. Lots of suspense and unpredictability. Great narration!

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  • Claire H

    Wow. Love Gillian Flynn! I enjoyed the narration of this audiobook as well I think that it really captures the personality of the characters.

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  • Jessica K

    I've been meaning to read the book after seeing the movie. The book is better.

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  • Emily G

    This was the first audiobook I have listened to. It was suspenseful from start to finish. The multiple narratives kept me engaged throughout.

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  • Micaela Davis

    Over all the story was entertaining, but I was pretty disappointed from about 3/4 in on to the end. Three stars for the twists of the plot and some interesting character development. *****SPOILERS BELOW**** The book became particularly interesting about half way through when a new twist was introduced: one that seemed at first to be empowering and refreshingly relateable. I loved Amy's monologue and rant against mundane expectations of women in our culture. By the later part of the book though, it seemed the moral of the story wasn't empowering at all, not even a weak wet dream of angry teenage girls who've been disappointed by heteronormative men, but was rather a soggy depiction of a psychotic woman and an average slimy dude, neither of whom have any redemptive qualities. The end was kind of anti-climactic too unfortunately. The narration was pretty good.

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  • Brisa H.

    Easy to listen to when you’re doing errands- you definitely get stuck in the story!

  • Annabelle S.

    This book was just not my style. I love classic well written books. This book felt like a pop song or something equally shallow. It was twice as long as it needed to be and had a disappointing ending that made me feel let down. It wasn’t a shocking ending .. I said out loud said “ok.. that was a stupid ending” .. I feel that I wasted 18 hours of my life on this story. I got really bored in the middle end almost gave up but saw it through as I used a credit on this book. Just not my style. Not as deep as it thinks that it is. I should’ve just watched the movie instead and only wasted 2 hours instead of 18 or however long this was. Great narration though I found the woman’s voice annoying.. I think the character is just shallow and annoying so maybe well played

  • Savannah S.

    This is my second time reading this book, and I think I liked it the first time around better (several years ago). This book is the definition of "crazy needs crazy", but the ending is really unsatisfying and leaves a lot to be desired. The book kind of jumps around a lot but isn't too difficult to follow, but the storyline wasn't great. I didn't necessarily feel the tension that the plot was going for. Narrators were fine.

  • Brenda D.

    Great book! Twists and turns I never saw coming. Had to listen twice just to get a different perspective!!

  • Chris B.

    A little over hyped but good. Quite long. Abridged would have sufficed.

  • Anonymous

    I read this book a few years ago, and after listening to it on audiobooks, I remembered just how good it is. It is strange, intricate, and engrossing. I found myself slowly rooting for and then detesting both main characters (and back and forth). The pace is perfect and keeps you glued to the story line. The narration was pretty good as well.

  • Knfisher

    Can’t wait to watch the movie

  • Amanda J.

    Book was good but I liked the movie better. Maybe because I watched the movie first.

  • Terri D.

    Gone Girl was an ok read. It was excit8ng in many places! Just not super intense.

  • Katie T

    I have heard from many people " the book is way better". This is a great 14 hour build up to a HORRIBLE ending. I literally am left wondering if I missed something along this whole book......all I can come up with is that maybe a sequel?... I enjoyed the suspense through the whole book, then the whole thing fell flat. Also, the male voice who does the reading is awful. He sounds like this comedian I hear now and then and does not fit what you picture for that character.

  • Desiree P

    A very good book. I wish I read it before I saw the movie. But I was amazed how close the movie did stay to the book. Minor differences. But very good.

  • Arwa Y

    A very intense and smart read! I so much enjoyed reading this book.

  • Karen R

    I got hooked on this book!

  • meaghan norby

    One of the best books I've read in a long time!! It was thrilling, mysterious, insane and it keeps you guessing up until the very end!! I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

  • Jane Porter

    I did not think I would like this book at the beginning. But as the story progressed, I could not put it down probably because i could not figure out how it ends! Excellent read!

  • Shannan Perry

    Very well read and what a great mind twister! Very lucrative

  • david brouillet

    A little painful in the beginning but half way through picks up and it finished good. Thank god most people are not like this.

  • Kerrianne Wilson

    I loved this book! I had no clue what was coming in terms of the main plot twist, and I can usually figure those things out. The story had lots of twists and kept me entertained the entire time. I recently watched the movie (before I finished the book), hoping that it would be as good but was a bit disappointed despite it's good ratings. The book - as it is in many cases - was SO much better, especially with the character development. *****SPOILER****** I feel like you don't quite get how bats**t crazy the main character is from the movie and that was one of the most riveting parts of the book for me - how she could be so insane but so unbelievably smart at the same time. The narration was great and I'm glad there were two different people narrating the two different characters - sometimes they don't do that and it can really make a book hard to follow.

  • Mary Greenland

    This was a very good book and it kept my interest the entire time.

  • Elise Carpenter

    This book has you hooked right from the start. I truly enjoyed every second listening to it!

  • Corey Bechthold

    Good story kept me on the edge throughout the whole book really had me going

  • Colleen Carpenter

    Keeps you guessing!!! Wow!! I heard there are twists, but they were all so well done! Couldn't stop listening.

  • Britney Cross

    *THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* I like how crazy and insane the mind of Amy was, it kept me guessing throughout the whole book. I did not specifically like how it ended with Amy trapping Nick into staying, and that's why I gave it 4 stars.

  • Sylvia okoro

    I usually don't like long audio books but this one kept me interested the entire time. The narration was wonderful. Great read.

  • Cynthia Clark

    Like it very much will recommend want to buy the preview could be shorter when you select the book because you want to purchase it

  • Cassie Ruud

    Loved it. Great story, great narrators, definitely will listen to it again.

  • Samira Alvarez

    I had watched the movie before hand and still enjoyed this book knowing the ending! I love how crazy GIllian Flyn makes her female characters and I also enjoy messed up endings so this was a great listen.

  • Rachel Ling

    This was very clever, well-written, and the narrators did a decent job. So much so that I began to hate the characters as if they were real people. It got to the point where I had to stop reading! I can only stand listening to two messed up characters talk about their poor decisions for so long.

  • AnnaMarie Felts

    The beginning of this book was a little confusing at times but it quickly pulls you in. I loved the unexpected twists and turns. Flynn did an outstanding job, and the narrators brought the characters to life. Excellent read to say the least.

  • Victor Vergara

    Great book, I couldn't put it down. Better than the movie ! It really makes you think about your relationship, but it is not a romance or a break up book. I love the suspense in it. I am looking forward to reading other books by Gillian Flynn.

  • Lisa Verdugo

    I didn't know anything about this book when I started listening to it, except that a movie had been made about it. I loved the plot twists and how one minute you hate the characters, and the next minute you are rooting for them. Once you get into the story, the pace is fast. I couldn't stop listening. I was not disappointed in the ending. Not exactly what I would have expected, but it was ok. The narrators were excellent.

  • adarrel fisher

    I liked the book and how it kept you on the edge of your seat. A little vulgar for my taste and the ending was unexpected and didn't leave you with any sense of satisfaction. The characters were well developed for the most part. There was some confusion as to the leading female's true thoughts.

  • Angela Miles

    Great book! Ending was not what I expected, however the story was intriguing and kept my attention.

  • Sara Adair

    Love the twists and turns! Finished this book faster than any book I've ever read!

  • SaraDe Hensley

    For the best experience with this book, don't watch the movie or read too many synopsis. I hadn't read in quite a while before picking this book, so before committing I read every review and talked with several people. Mistake! Yes, it's a great book. Lots of description & gory details. If you like that you'll love the book. Don't spoil the fun finding out too much.

  • Angela Doland

    Not a fan of the ending. I did like the twists throughout.

  • Catheine Shircliff

    Loved the book. The pace was just good enough to keep you engaged. However some details seem to be straight from the headlines. Not a fan of the ending either but still worth listening to before seeing the movie.

  • Amanda Jordan

    very interesting book. Didnt end the way I expected but still very good.

  • Stephanie Vanskike

    Riveting! Shocking! Greatly enjoyed! I couldn't stop listening!

  • Cindy Loftus

    Great book, but not a fan of the ending. I suspect there will be a sequel from the way it ended. Loved the narrator; I look for audio books with this narrator, she makes the book even better.

  • Diane Bishop

    .Extremely complex plot addictive and compelling. Would definitely recommend

  • Linda Davis

    I thought it was pretty boring. I didn't like any of the characters as they were all pretty much unlikeable people. It was tough listening and if I'd had to do it other than when I was driving long periods I don't think I could have listened very attentively.

  • Marney Lukanc

    I found this book wonderful. But I think I wanted more out of it. I guess I can't believe it ended the way it did.

  • Boris Spokoyny

    I think the book is very well written. However i found the ending to be unbearably anticlimactic. Some of the main plot points seemed wildly predictable. Its enjoyable nevertheless and keep you wondering.

  • Judy Meredith

    Enjoyable! Superbly written with excellent narration!

  • Ina Sills

    I really loved the twist and turns of this book. Loved the two different narrators.

  • Paula Emeigh

    Great story and great narration really kept my attention.

  • Brandon Mccaslin

    Great book that eclipsed the movie, but that's expected. Great narration of going back and forth. Definitely a fan of this author.

  • Kurt Ives

    Horrible book. Even worse ending. 19 hours I will not get back.

  • Emily Smith

    This book is amazing, absolutely gripping, and thrilling. The movie doesn't do the book any justice. I was so sad when I finished, I can't find anything to beat Gone Girl! The narrators were good, there were some 'imitations' that were annoying, but overall enjoyable.

  • Robin55

    Very good read with all its twists and turns, kept the reader guessing throughout the entire story.

  • Robin55

    Very good read with all its twists and turns, kept the reader guessing throughout the entire story.

  • jill huber

    Loved the narrators. Book was great - until the ending. The last three minutes were horrible. I hope it's just leading up to #2!

  • Mary Hathaway

    This is one great read! Just the loved the plot and all the twists and turns. The narrators were exceptional. I wish all books could be this good- I couldn't get enough and was sad it had to end. Where's the sequel?

  • Anne Schulte

    Twisted story. Great imagery and metaphorical descriptions. The ending made me sick. But I looked forward to the plot twists each time I hit play. The narrators were very good -- both could easily move in and out of different character personas very well! Thoroughly enjoyable listen and "read"

  • Sandi Schlabach

    Good read. The Narrators were acceptable. The suspense was unpredicable. I enjoyed the characters but disliked the ending. It felt rushed and unfinished after so much planning and calculation.

  • Stephanie Wolfson

    I usually only listen to books during my commute. With Gone Girl, however, I found myself listening to it while cooking dinner, walking into work, jogging at the gym and everywhere else in between! I was totally hooked and the narration was awesome too.

  • glenice nickel

    To much repeated trivia Drug on. Ok reading but I found kind f boring

  • Mary Harris

    Great Book! Tons of twists and turns..... The ending was crazy!

  • carleen tanner

    I hated the principle of this book. Loved the way the author strings you along, but hate the egotistical, pompous, self-righteous, psychopathic main characters. Sad to say that is sorta why I kept listening other then I did pay 14.99 basically for the audiobook. Style of writing is what I enjoy.

  • Reed Wilson

    Kept me yelling at the characters for an unstopable 19 hour drive (perfect for about 1,500 miles)

  • Carolyn Plyler

    lots of twists and turns to keep you wanting to go on and on; not easy to put down !!!

  • Maggie Murphy

    Awesome book and excellent narration. I'm sad that I'm done!!!!

  • Rhonda Fields

    The author pulls you into the lives of the characters right away. The twists and turnabout keeps you guessing until the very end. Excellent read!

  • Gwendolyn Gaither

    Great book! I will admit I was disappointed with the ending--just not what I expected. Narration was excellent.

  • Deborah Taylor

    The book had a few slow spots but all in all a real page turner. Thank you Andy Cohen for the recommendation. Somehow this book reminded me of a book I'd read years ago called " A Simple Plan". The subject matter was different but the twists and turns were very similar. They did a poor job on the film, I just hope movie doesn't disappoint. The film comes out on Friday, can't wait

  • Kenton C

    So normally I listen to more of lovey dovey type of books & thought id try listening to this book before watching the movie & change it up for once. I can tell u that this book was amazing. It started out a bit boring & I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to like it but man did it get better & better. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good twist.

  • Donna Jourdan

    I absolutely loved this book! The best I have listened to in a while. Great writing and narration.

  • Brenda Malchuk

    Did not like the ending. Not at all. Ridiculous to think the story would end like that. Such a disappointment.

  • Judith Bellefleur

    Very dark novel, leaves you in the end wanting to forget. Hard to imagine someone could even want there name associated with this or admit they thought of such a story line. Perverse in so many ways.

  • Christine Haythorn

    Hated every character in this book. Well-written, but dark. I felt like having a flea dip when I finished it.

  • Ana Banos

    Loved it! Looked forward to listening every chance I had.

  • Elizabeth Bosque

    Best thriller ever!!! Kept me hooked from the first page! Loved it!

  • Sally Holloway

    One of the best books I have ever read. Got hooked early on, wanted to listen while working out (half hour to 45 min , 4 days a week.). Thought I would have good month of listening. Couldn't put it down, finished it in 3 days. This writer is gifted with an incredible talent, I am in awe of her imagination.

  • Brittany Sorrell

    This book will keep you guessing. They twists and turns will give you literary whiplash. The ending really could not have gone anywhere else, but felt abrupt. I look forward to exploring more books by this author.

  • Patricia Courville

    Omg. What a great book. The beginning is a little slow but once it kicks in, you are hooked. I listen to books on my commute but didn't want to stop listening when I pulled into the driveway. Do I went on a 4 mile walk do I could keep listening. You love and hate the characters at the same time.

  • Jessica Roberts

    I went into this book with many preconceived notions believing I knew what was going on and inevitably what was going to happen. I was so wrong. Throughout this whole book I was shocked. Just when I felt like I had a handle on it, another twist. Well worth a read.

  • Lorelyn Zaragoza

    Fabulous, twits and turns! Love it! I will definitely read other boos by Gillian Flynn!

  • Tiffany Schank

    This book was crazy!! Simply crazy. It keeps you on your toes for sure.

  • koree dirschell

    One of the best books I have read in a long time. Simple start, and then craziness until the end!

  • Tanika Smith

    Good book! Unpredictable, lots of twists and turns. Didn't care for the ending. But I guess it had to end somehow.

  • Heidi Scherzer

    This was an amazing book! I listen while I am in the car - and it was so good that I had to bring it inside with me and finish it. This is a must listen

  • Cheryl Zweibohmer

    Gillian Flynn is my FAVORITE author. All of her books are twisted and keep you wanting more. She doens't make it easy at all to figure out the ending. I am always shocked and intrigued. The Narrator's did an excellent job. . I recommended reading anything by Gillian Flynn and I am waiting for her to release her next book.

  • Tanisha Smith

    Just finished in two days...very good. Suspenseful, twisted, dark, and funny in its own way

  • Angela Hart

    Book starts off extreme by slow but once it picks up it is a really good book. You will empathize and hate both main characters. I appreciate the ending. It leaves it open for a sequel and also shows that there are not always happy endings to every story.

  • Holly Harrison

    Such crazy drive and passion, such deception but at the same time such love. Completely clever in the writing and execution of this mysterious tale! Brings whole new meaning to the phrase can`t live with them but can`t live without them!!

  • lori handy

    wow awesome always on the edge of my seat other then the slow beginning.

  • shirley keaster

    I was disappointed with this book , too long and ending was ridiculous.

  • Melinda Carreon

    Overall this was an excellent book, I loved the twists and turns and how the author made you constantly switch sides. That being said, I have two complaints. First, part one was pretty boring, I understand the author needs to lay the groundwork but I think it was too much. I almost stopped reading a few times. The second and bigger of the complaints is that the author's use of the F Bomb was way too much. I don't mind occasional use for effect but this was way over the top. I would hope a writer of Gilluan's caliber could be more creative with their choice of words.

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